30 January 2012

Stolen Chairs

Today was just a craptastic day.  I am finally home, 13hrs later, and completely spent!

I stayed up past midnight working on my "homework(aka punishment)" last night.
I woke up this morning at 0700.
I had to be at work at 0730.
Its a 10-15min walk to work.
I had to pee.
Latrines are on the opposite end of the building.
I hurried to the latrine, peed, hurried back, and got dressed.
I rushed out the door at 0716.
I didn't account for last night's rain, and the mud it produced, when gauging my walk time.

Anywho, I ended up walking into the office at 0732.  Immediately, someone is bitching.  About me being late, and a whole bunch of other crap.   I got *maybe* 2 hours of sleep last night (10-yr insomniac, and all), and was in no mood to deal with it.... so I delegated to SGT T.
People came in to complain to any/everyone..... I went and hid in the hallway.
I sat in the hall for an hour, staring at the wall in front of me.
The Doc needed a chair for his patient, I went and got one out of the supply tent.
The SGT needed Augmenton from the tent.... I went and got some
Sgt needed a bigger needle for an injection, I went to the tent and got some.
I was basically just doing my best to avoid people today.
I even went so far as to sweep the hallway (Afghanistan is effing DUSTY!!!!) a couple times, and when people started crowding my space, I went and swept the walkways outside.
For me, sweeping is therapeutic.
But, officers *never* do measly chores like sweeping.  I got some looks.
Especially sweeping an outdoor space in a dusty-ass country!
But: the less dirt on the walkway, the less dirt in the building!

I even reassembled a desk (that had been sitting on a bench since we got here), and made it into a little shelter for the mop buckets, with the strainers on to of the desk, and the mops leaning against it....
Then, I cleaned off the bench, so people could actually use it!!! :O

We will not speak about what happened to the bench afterward.....lets just say: I cleaned it again.

Then, some jackass from upstairs was like "We need to do a police call, and clean around the building, we need one soldier from your section"
All my people were busy, and he was like "Just grab one of the privates, their not doing anything"
I was like "Are you fucking kidding me?????  They are doing our own fucking Doc's anal-retentive cleaning project!  While seeing patients!!!  And learning how to run this damn place!"

I didn't tell him that.... Just said I'd do the detail....a "10 minute" detail took almost 2-hours cause of the anal-retentive fuckwad in charge of it!  And all he did was say "do this, and this, and this" and then went to sit in his fucking office....
The tasking including picking up a bunch of fucking cigarette butts at the smoking area.....
I fucking told that Sgt First Class that if he ever wanted that shit picked up again, he better call all the fucking smoker outside and have them clean up that shit.....because NOBODY on that detail today fucking smokes!  I quit, a year ago!
I am so fucking glad I didn't wear my uniform I got back from the cleaners last night.....I'd have fucking stabbed someone.
It was dusty as shit....and I ate some dust, and got a fair amount in my eyes too..... cleaning up shit that S-4 threw all over the damn place and then just left there!

I at lunch late....and there was a long ass line, that snaked halfway to the middle of nowhere.
And lunch wasn't even that good.
And when I got back, the rest of the day was spent getting hassled because SSG E has a fucking stick up his ass today.  Bitching at me about anything/everything I did!  Like NOTHING I did was safe!  Me, and several others, wanted to kick him in the damn face!

Now, to the chair!
LTC L finally shows up to the office, and walks into her room.  She comes back out and says "Soebody stole my chair!"  Then she goes into Doc's office, grabs the chair I BROUGHT FROM THE DAMN TENT and says "This is my chair, one of you stole it from my office.  Dont do that again!"
I don't EVER call a female a bitch, but I was >< *this* close to saying "bitch, please....nobody stole your fucking chair...... especially since that chair in your damn hands has MY UNITS NAME!  And since we just got here, with our chairs, I highly fucking doubt its yours."
Self Restraint.....

I went and got Doc an EVEN BETTER FUCKING CHAIR!



My Debit card now does not work, because I've used it in 4 different countries in the last 2 weeks, and they locked it out.....and I can't call them from here, so got to get Wife to do it.....
At least dinner was decent....

IDK if I'll be able to get Wife to unlock my debit card, since we got in a fight this morning.....

I remembered I need to unlock it when I was at the PX with two of my soldiers after dinner (Battle Buddies are mandatory after dark, and none of us felt like going home yet).....and somehow, walking the aisles, I managed to make a sharp pain shoot up from my wrist.  On top of my still-present back pn.

positive not:
Teenager turns 18 tomorrow!!!!


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  1. Woah, when it rains it pours huh? Hope it turns around for you.


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