19 January 2012

Real update, part 1

We arrived at our final stop before Afghanistan today. We arrived after nightfall, with the temperature reading already 0*. It got colder. We offloaded everyones bags from the plane and did the the same from the trucks, once we arrived at our compound. My snot froze in my nostrils, reminding me of that episode of sponge bob (which I hate) when he talks about his nose drippings being chopsticks. We had ice crystals on our eyelashes, caps, and hair as we organized hundreds of bags and searched for our own. My hands were definitely hurtin, and still are, though I've been inside a heated building for over an hour. I can still feel the cold in them. And my legs, don't even get me started! They look as though I fell asleep at the beach for 8hrs!

We did work together amazingly, and finished our outside chores quickly, and with frozen grins on our faces! We did very well with our assembly line technique, and even Master Sgts and the Lt Colonels (including the chaplain) got involved to speed the process.
We have some stuff to get done here, but should be leaving soon, thank God! It's about 40* in Afghanistan right now, and that sounds like beach weather to me!!!! Lol!
I should have a shot at internet soon.....would like a phone first, to call home. I believe there are phones at the dining facility.....missing the family, they were all asleep when I was in Germany, so could only leave a message.

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  1. Ewww, it's cold. I'm glad it's not me in that cold weather.=) Hope you warm up soon and get that phone that every one will want. Thank you for your service. You're a real hero. =)


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