04 January 2012

Why you shouldn't put me in a position of leadership, lol

Being a medical officer, I don't really hold any leadership position in my unit. Sure, I brief the boss's boss's boss on stuff occasionally, and could technically tell the medics what to do, but there are enough Chiefs around here... I try to keep to the Indian level. (too many Chiefs, not enough Indians-it's a common quote in the military). I was thrust into Chiefdom today.
They wanted me to lead my platoon (about 20 soldiers) in Physical Training. I huddled them in a circle, we put out some info, and then 1-2 at a time, I sent them away, telling them where they had to be at 0900hrs, but effectively ZONKing PT. I would have sent them all away at once, but boss's boss's enlisted counterpart was in the area....so we did it ninja-like.

We are deploying very shortly.... I think we can take a day off exercising, have a little extra family time. I even got the home in time to get their kids ready for school, and see them off.

.....And I got home in time to make wife breakfast, and bother the hell out of her!

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