08 January 2012

Procreating, and it's "harsh" demands

Okay, by now most of you should know of mine and Wife's intention to bring another demon spawn into this world.
Backstory (cause everything I write has a backstory):
We lost a pregnancy when the twins were 7mo old. Didn't even know we were pregnant, let alone 10wks pregnant. It was pretty traumatizing for Wife, as she felt a lot of guilt and "what-if" surrounding it. She ended up needing a D&C, too.
About 3 months later, we were finally discussing it again, and baby fever hit our house. Hard.
Cue 3 "chemical" pregnancies and an early miscarriage, following the car accident that totaled our van (fortunately me and the twins had just gotten out of the vehicle), Wife also fractured her wrist.
While she was in the hospital, it was discovered that the losses weren't just "random" and were all stemming from a complication with the first one. A quick procedure, a week later, promised to solve that.
At this point, the only pregnancy anyone knew about was the first one. They thought we were raving mad lunatics to even have been having sex when the twins were 4-5 mo old, let alone getting pregnant (even accidentally). Everyone said it was "stupid" to have another kid until the twins were 3-4.
...... We aren't spring chickens, people. I'd like all kids out of high school (and college?) by the time I hit retirement age.
Well, the twins just turned 2, and we are still not pregnant....so wish granted!
We are doing proactive medicating this month, our final attempt before I deploy.
Next month she will start clinical fertility stuff, IUI, and try that for a bit.
Yeah, I know there will be questions if my wife gets pregnant while I'm 30000000000 miles away, but trust me, we don't really care about gossip... And our friends all know what our plan is. Shit, even boss's boss's boss knows about our plans! I went to our unit lawyer for notary stuff and was discussing the craptastic process of drawing up the paperwork for it!
Because last thing we want is for me to deploy, and Wife given issues about trying to use my sperm. That would be weird to hash out over the phone in the phone-room with a bunch of my troops around, lol!
So, for the month of January, I am required to put out....like every day! Oh, the inhumanity!!!!
If all else fails, we will accept defeat next year, and will consider foster-parenting sooner than originally planned.

Hopefully, by this time next year I will have/have on the way, my redheaded little boy!
I have plans for this kid!
And don't go gettin jealous!

Built like dad!

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