09 January 2012

Photo Essay: Real Love

I think every couple should have fun.
Its the basis for any AWESOME relationship!
If you haven't done at least one of the following things with your partner this week,
 WTH have you been doing?
No boring relationship lasts forever these days.  Fun is an important thing for couples!

Its always fun to have a little competition in a relationship.
Not the "NOOOO, YOU CHEATED!!  I WAS AN ENTIRE LAP AHEAD OF YOU IN MARIO KART!" type of ass-sore competition, but a friendly game....of whatever interests you

Spending quality time together, even if you are doing two different things 

Even being silly is great!  As long as you are having fun!

And who cares what others think?  The most important opinion should be that of the person doing it with you!

And you can even get some things knocked off your "to-do" list while you are having fun!

One of my FAVORITE things to do with my wife is cook:
There are few acceptable sensual things to do in public space (ie kitchen, if you have kids/roommates), but cooking is one of them!

Especially if you are passionate about food (honestly, who isn't?), its a great way to spend time together, and work on the "to-do" list!

And bug the partner, at the same time!

Then you've got something as easy as snuggling!  I like snuggling, and have convinced the unwilling Wife of its awesomeness!

^Yes, I like sleeping like that.

 And cuddling before bedtime:

Even just holding on to each other!  Be so very grateful for the time you have together, never let go!

Take them with you when you go!

And enjoy each other's company.

Because not every couple gets a lifetime together!

Now, the two best parts: Love and War!
Because sex is a very nice, hopefully decently sized, part of any relationship!

However you like it!  Against the wall (don't beat it til you try it! ;) )
 In crazy places (I think I'll stick to the living room.....or car, thanks)

Sex is important.  VV this type of sex is just a fun perk! VV:

If you are more of a soft and subtle person, we've got this to:

I mean really....who can argue with starting your day off right?

And if this is all you've ever done:

You should at least try this sometime.  Definitely in the top 3!

And now, for WAR!!!!!
War is very important in a relationship.

War keeps you young!
No, really!  Its an excellent stress reliever!

And is great foreplay!

I'm not kidding!

Have you seen Zorro?  The one with Antonio Banderas, and Catherine Zeta-Jones.  Who ever says the fight scene wasn't hot.....Liar!

The best key is to find their "spot"
Everyone has one, this is my wife's:
It is her kryptonite, along with being ticklish.  A kiss, or nuzzle of the neck, stops her in her tracks *evil grin*  
Like putty in my hand, and yours, too, if you play it right (with your own partner)!  

And who doesn't love teasing their partner?
Rev them up with little teases all day and you'll swing a good/great night easy!

You do this, and keep igniting sparks like you just met, and you'll feel like you:
For the next 50 years!

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