13 May 2013

Products for SN or NT Parents and caregivers

Product that I, or my friends in my Toddler/Baby group have found useful.
I am not being reimbursed in any way, to share these products.  These are products that we have found to be helpful, and in some cases life-changing!
Our group has a large SNs population, and our little ninjas range from ASD (mild-severe/nonverbal), Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy,  SPD, etc...As well as our NT ninjas.
These are all "affordable" products that have been tried and tested by individuals in our group.  Please, if you find something useful, or think someone else may find it useful, dont hesitate to share it.  No credit is needed, for us, its about making things easier for parents and caregivers.

Our friend's son has autism and epilepsy.  He loves being able to go for walks, but doesnt like the stroller anymore.  He is not strong on his feet, so this gives him the "big kid" experience, without his parents fretting

These socks are great for families with wannabe-walkers, or kiddos who arent overly steady.
They dont completely prevent your kid from slipping, and eating it, but they sure do help!

The Whos Shoes ID is great, and there are several other tags farther down the page.
One of our dads has actually had the tag work, when his son wandered off at a Post function.  The MPs were able to contact him and his wife, and his son was returned safely.


Does your youngin like to strip down?  This store has affordable back-zippered jumpers for kids, size 2T-6-youth.  Breathable, durable, a great way to keep their clothes (and diaper?) on!


I may have to try this one.  Our friends have a 4yo with severe autism.  She is a wanderer, and they got this because she's been able to get out of the house, undetected, once before.  They swear by it.  And if it means trapping the lil buggers for an extra hour in the morning....right Piatek?


Mr Boy actually learned to use a cup with something very similar.  His OT/PT guys use a very similar product.

For our two G-tubers, we've got these nifty pads.  Way better than running through  a box of gauze a week.  And these are stylish!


Does noise overstimulate your little one?  They make hearing protection for kids, now, too.


We have a string bean...and sometimes the clothes "her size" are too loose around the waist.
One of the moms in our group uses these for her boy (shes also one of the g-tube moms).  Her son is scrawny, as he is a recent g-tube convert, and he is catching up developmentally, so he has trouble enough with his pants, let alone a belt.


Wife and I used these with the twins, and they were lifesavers!  Especially with the amount of travelling we've done.  Allows us to take the twins, and carseats, but without taking up all our hands.
We handed them off to friends with young twins who recently PCS'ed, and they sent high praise, not having to tote the stroller AND carseats through FOUR airports.  They were able to keep their twins strapped in at all times, and it kept them accounted for, and safe!  This isnt the exact model we had, but its affordable, and well reviewed!


Ive had one of  these since forever!  They are great for the kids....or for you...it holds a book, and your drink.....


For your drooly cowpoke:


From our epilepsy feiends: a padded table mat, to protect their seizure-prone youngster from hard surfaces during seizures.  They are $42, and bring with them a lot of peace of mind