28 January 2012

ROCKET ATTACK procedures

So.... If you are going about your business, doing what you do, and you suddenly hear this:
What do you do?
Well, let me help you out!
I might even save your Life!

When you hear that alarm, you immediately assume this position:

Its called the "If a rocket is gonna land on me, I don't want to save myself" position,
and you just hope its not muddy or gravelly (haha, good luck finding a decent spot),
where you drop.

You stay like that for 

At which time, you move into a bunker (ignore that previous picture was taken inside a bunker.....itd have looked stupid to lay down in the middle of the exposed road, when an attack was not happening, for the sake of a photo op):

You stay in the bunker until you hear the "all clear" which is a mono-toned alarm.  It can take a few minutes to a few hours for the "all clear" depending on how quickly they are able to locate the rocket, whether or not it exploded, and whether its night or day.

Hopefully, someone brought gummi bears (haribo) (like I did for the last two), to share.

now, a round of applause to SPC EK,
 for their willingness to bruise their knee on the gravel for the sake of my blog!


  1. Well, now I know what to do...and to also bring snacks...=)

  2. Yes....the snacks are, by far, the most important element!

  3. Snacks. Got it. *planning to send snacks sometime soon.*


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