02 January 2012

Best and worst of 2011

Sitting here reading people magazine. WHO/WHAT THE FUCK ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE/ SHOWS??????
Top shows:
1. Homeland
2. Downton Abbey
3. Games of Thrones
4. American Horror Story
5. Breaking Bad
6. Louie
7. New Girl
8. Revenge
9. American Idol
10. Happy Endings

Of all these shows I've heard of American horror story, in passing, and I thought American idol crashed and burned like.....last decade?

And who is this Adele? She topped the music list, but I don't think I have consciously heard one of her songs.... Granted the radio options are shit here...(I spent three weeks listening to I'll catch a grenade for ya, s&m, tick tock, and 4 other songs I've burned from my memory.....I listened to the same eight song EVERY HOUR FOR EIGHT BLOODY HOURS A FLIPPIN DAY!!!!! It was the only station we received......)
......so maybe I just completely gave up on radio.... Maybe it's my fault I am clueless to her existence.....

I guess I should feel lucky to know about the royal wedding and Steve jobs passing, at this rate, because the media on this island is very self centered! When the tsunami hit Japan the news was all about us..... All we got was a tiny upset in the water....but WE were all that was on the tv.....til I turned to CNN.
I digress......
Let's see....*skimming through magazine*
Harry Potter topped box offices last year....Twilosers came in 4th.....

Okay....just because American idol is on on two nights does NOT mean it should get 2 slots for most watched tv show........bullshit......

I LOLed when President Obama was asked what his daughters thought was his coolest thing of 2011, and he said "they don't think anything I do is cool anymore."

And yes, even being 12hours behind, we were awake in the middle of the night to watch the Royal wedding. My wife is a proud Brit, and we were both in England (hadn't met yet) when Princess Diana died..... It felt like the start of a new chapter for the royal family.

Dove soap wishes us peace on Earth and lots of happiness

I admire Jaycee Dugard.

Bulova watches cost as much as my bedroom set....

I also admire Gabrielle Giffords, and think she looks amazing with the short hair

Anderson Cooper doesn't drink coffee!!! BOOOOOOOYAH!!!!!

I loathe the Kardashians.....
....and Casey Anthony, and Sandusky, and Charlie sheen, and lt John Pike

Love words with friends.... The only person who I can't beat is my stepdaughter... Not for a lack of trying....
Love Daniel Craig (page 110 for reference) and taylor swift.

And the baby pages are adorable

I am sad about Steve Jobs and Elizabeth Taylor, but I feel Amy Winehouse dug her own grave.

I also cherish that People listed all the Fallen Soldiers of 2011.
80+ soldiers were killed, last year, in the region I am going to in afghanistan.
A unit near mine lost 14 soldiers their first month in Afghanistan.... I attended each service... And it gives me chills reading their names here, and knowing millions of people might read these names, and be humbled by the sacrifices of these amazing people.

Ill stop my rambling now...
...this is what happens when I'm bored

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