02 February 2012

How not to make a bitch-kid....

I'ma leave y'all with a bit of parenting knowledge to keep your kids from becoming bitch-ass like most of the kids/adults these days.

  1. Teach them independence. 
    •  Every time they get a damn boo-boo, they shouldn't need to be running to you.  Teach them to wash the boo-boo, and then put the neosporin and bandaids in a convenient place for them.
    • have charts that remind them what they need to do, and let them check off their own shit
  2. Don't shelter them from the world.  (But, yeah, shelter them from TV/games/movies that aren't age appropriate).
    • Let them explore new things, take the time to show them things!
  3. Teach them good eating habits. 
    •  There are enough morbidly obese people in this country.
    • They learn their habits from their parents
  4. Do stuff with them! 
    •  To go along with good eating habits, we involve our kids in our garden.  We even let the twins pick a few things they wanted to grow.  Few things compare to the lessons they learn (patience, tenderness, responsibility) and the amazement and excitement at the final product. The twins grew carrots, and the looks on their faces when they finally got to pull/eat their carrots......priceless!
    • Cooking/Baking is an AWESOME activity for kids, it teaches them how rewarding hard work and patience can be!  Cookies are a great choice!
    • We read books with them all the time, and bring them to the library weekly
    • Children's Museums, Aquariums, etc are amazing experiences for kids, and learning oppurtunities!
    • Go outside and play with them!
  5. Get your kids involved:
    • I have ADHD, and many kids do, too
      • playing outside is an excellent way to help control energy levels
        • Organized sports (I had a soccer team, I coached, with 6 ADHD kids on the team.  Most of the parents said that there was an improvement in their kids during the season.  I kept them moving for the entire 45min practices, 2x a week.  We ran around, dribbled around, played scrimmages, and played games like tag and such)
        • cul-de-sac/street kickball, softball, or teeball are excellent activities, and only really require one adult/teenager to watch.  And the things it does:
          • burns energy/calories
          • teaches team building
          • teaches winning/losing graciously
          • socialization
          • patience/taking turns
          • its fun!
          • fights obesity
      • Limit the video games to maybe 3-4 days a week, for a limited amount of time.
        • We limited Teenager's video gaming time, and she ended up going out for the Varsity Volleyball and the Cross Country teams.  She made more friends, and ended up having more fun than she had with video games (which are usually reserved for stormy days)
      • Even TV time can be family time!  Commercials need-not be fastforwarded through, and can be great opportunities for conversations.
  6. Let them get dirty!
    • hand sanitizer/clorox is a wonderful invention, but entirely over-used.
      • If you don't expose your kids to things, of course they are going to develop crazy allergies and get sick all the damn time.
      • They are taking a bath at night anyway!  I mean, its not like I'm telling you to let them run around filthy!  Just let them get dirty every once in a while
      • Playing in a summer's rain rarely hurt anyone!
      • I'm pretty sure my son has eaten his fair share of dirt, and it hasn't killed him, or compromised his health
      • There is a reason they are called "play clothes"
  7. Teach your kids to present themselves well
    • Button-ups and polo shirts will go a long way in showing people you can present well.
      • my son wears button-ups when we are going to formal events, and wears polos a lot, to casual and semi-formal functions (dark colors if its an event he will be playing/outside and possibly get dirty at)
    • Khakis should be in EVERY boy's wardrobe
      • like with the polo shirts!
    • Every boy and girl should learn to tie a tie.
      • if dad isn't around to teach them, learn yourself, and teach them!
    • Every girl should at least own one skirt/skort, and know how to use it
      • Even my tomboy wife will pull out a skirt on occasion.  She was "lucky" in that she had etiquette classes at her school, and learned how to properly wear a skirt.
      • skorts are the safe way to go about things for young girls who don't like to sit still.  The only thing worse than having to dress up for a function (as a kid) is not being able to go play with the other kids, because you are wearing a skirt.
      • Skorts also keep little girls from showing the world their princess underwear!
    • Flip-flops are NOT okay for all occasions! In fact, only Teenager owns flip-flops, in our house.  Getting a nice pair of sports sandals is way better than 99 cent flip-flops, an better for your feet. Not to mention, flip-flops are very dangerous when its wet outside.
  8. Teach your kids MORALS!
    • Loyalty
      • Don't sell out your friends and family  for a moment of personal pleasure, or "coolness"
    • Duty
      • Chores, homework, and practices are their "duties" as a kid
    • Respect
      • For others, animals, nature, etc.
      • Don't litter, clean up after yourself
    • Selfless Service
      • Volunteering is an extremely rewarding thing
      • Helping others will always come full-circle
    • Honor
      • Dont let ANYONE compromise your Morals.....if they try to make you, they aren't worth your time.
      • Have pride in yourself, your family, and your community
    • Integrity
      • Be honest.
      • Don't lie, cheat, or steal.
    • Personal Courage
      • Stand up for yourself and your beliefs
  9. Chores are not a punishment, they are your responsibility.  And your reward is not being grounded!
    • Kids these days are spoiled, and don't seem to understand the concept of hard work.
    • Involve them in home improvement projects, and teach them how to maintain a home!
      • Home improvement projects are the only time Teenager gets "rewarded" (chinese take-out, dunkin donuts, movie passes, better phone) for work, because she is going above and beyond.
    • Make work fun!
      • Chores are a lot better/funner, when you have someone to do them with you!
  10. Allowance is not a paycheck.....be happy with what you get
    • But, also, if you can afford it, and they've "earned" it, give in sometimes, when they ask for money for special things (movies with friends, etc)
  11. Parties and sleepovers are not your enemy!
    • Just have your kids help set up and clean up!  And make sure they understand that its part of the deal.


  1. This is the best list ever. Everybody should have this check list!

  2. I got something to add to the good eating habits. Don't take away all junk food teach them moderation. When you completely remove something from someone when they do have it they tend to go overboard.
    And for the girls you can also get dance shorts to put under all dresses and skirts.

  3. i like that you included girls in learning how to tie a tie! i know how to tie a tie, learned it by watching my dad do it once. lol. its quite simple and i do my hubbys tie when he has to wear one.


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