07 January 2012

Breast vs bottle, the baby thing

I've gotta say, forcibly being Switzerland on the subject) that I don't understand the judgements made against other parents for their feeding choices.

My background: my twins were born prematurely. My son had a LOT of problems, including an intolerance for anything but breastmilk. My daughter was a hungry little fiend. Between the two of them, there wasn't enough breastmilk to go around always. So daughter got formula on many occasions. (usually 50% of the time, sometimes more)
They both turned out fine! My son actually gets sick more often than his formula fed sister! But that's a lung issue.

Everyone, I hope, is going with what they think is *best* for their kids.
And we always teach children not to judge others, but I've discovered that moms tend to be very judgmental (and some dads, too) of other peoples parenting. I've been judged for the way my wife and I raise our kids! And I may have had a moment or two of judgement on others, but I try to avoid that.

In this day and age, parents should be focused on making sure their own kids are happy and healthy......and not on the path to becoming a raging gunman or psychopath.

As long as the kids are healthy, clothed, and loved....sure you can question their parenting, let it be!
Once you've raised a perfect angel, who has never done a thing wrong in their whole existence, and saves puppies, and kittens, and babies for a living, then maybe you'll be qualified to judge me on bottle feeding my kid, with whichever substance happens to be in the bottle.


  1. Amen, there's enough going on in this world. The debate of breast or bottle fed should be a non issue. It's a personal choice. BTW, I'm a mom to 3 happy healthy bottle fed boys..=)

  2. I would like to thank you for this post. My husband was supportive, but no one else. I was unable to breastfeed, but so many judgmental parents never looked past the bottle and just assumed that I was lazy. I loved the bottle, as did my husband who loved feeding his little girls too. Happy and healthy is all that matters.

  3. Lauren, your welcome. My wife pumped regularly, and so there were times both kids would actually get breastmilk, but times they would have a bottle (when we were out and about)...... There is no winning with some people, who judge without knowing what's going on. Either way, my daughter thrived on formula.
    My wife has a frien who is a breast cancer survivor, and people gave her shit for not breastfeeding her son......when it was physically impossible.
    No one knows your story, unless they ask


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