08 November 2013

Crimson Carnations/E3- Child Abuse (old mentalist fanfic)

Crimson Carnations
Episode 3 Part 1
Dedicated to Anna Mae

***Setting: Jane, Lisbon, and Rigsby get out of the car outside of a well kept house, three police cars are parked in the street, two in the driveway. It is a clear night with a slight chill in the air. The medical examiner is walking out of the house as they get to the front door.***

Lisbon and Jane greet the medical examiner, he has a grave look on his face, ?It?s a child?? All he says before he moves past them, back to his van. They each take a deep breath before crossing the threshold into the large foyer. Jane first notices photographs on a table, the largest one of a girl, about 5 years old. ?That was taken just a few weeks ago, her first school picture?? the father appears in the doorway, ??she was so excited about starting school?? He tears up looking at the picture and heads back through the doorway into the arms of his wife.

?The body is up here,? a uniformed officer says as he leads them up the stairs. ?The girl came home from school around 2:15, she wasn?t feeling good. She ate a snack and finished her homework; she went upstairs to take a nap around 4pm?? he flips the page of his notepad, ??around 6:30pm the mother came upstairs to wake her and found the daughter, already deceased?? The officer leads them into the master bedroom, ?She took her naps in here, her parents travel a lot; she likes to sleep where she can smell them, according to the mother.?

?Liked,? Jane corrects, ?she liked to sleep where she could smell them?now it?ll be the opposite??

?What is the cause of death?? Lisbon changes the subject, glancing at Patrick as he turns to look around at the walls and the pictures on them.

?Too soon to tell,? Jane answers causing Lisbon to look at him again with a questioning look. He walks over to the bed where the body is lying. He shudders slightly as he gets his first look at the girl?s body, ?She wasn?t shot, stabbed, or strangled. Not suffocation because there is not hemorrhaging in the eyes, and that usually happens, right doc?? 
The medical examiner had just returned to the room and having overheard what Jane said, takes defense, ?I won?t know anything until I get her back to the morgue??

Crimson Carnations
Episode 3 Part 2
Jane looks at a few more pictures before going back downstairs; Lisbon follows him figuring he might uncover something useful. Jane finds the grieving parents in the kitchen, sitting with an officer and a neighbor. He excuses the officer and takes the vacated chair for himself. He looks at a piece of paper on the table before looking at the parents, ?Mr. and Mrs. McAllister, I am deeply sorry for your loss, I was hoping I could ask you a few questions about your daughter??

??Abigail, but she likes to be called Abbey,? Mrs. McAllister answers, she nods for him to proceed with the questions.

?How long have you two been married??

?Nearly seventeen years,? answers Mrs. McAllister.

?I see that in nearly all the family reunion pictures you were always holding a child, so I know you adore children,? he tilts his head slightly, ??but you didn?t have a kid until five years ago, so I assume you had fertility problems and that Abbey was adopted.?

Mrs. McAllister nods and adds, ?We tried for twelve years before we decided to try adoption?We were very blessed to have found Abbey so quickly, we brought her home when she was seven months old.?

?She is-was the light of our lives, she loved to read books every night, she was always smiling?.she was so shy for the longest time. It took four months before she would let us leave her with the nanny?? Mr. McAllister tears up again.

?Was she usually with the nanny?? Lisbon asks.

?I just got promoted within my company so I?m working in the evening. I see her off to school and check on her after she?s asleep?My husband, Brandon, is in the middle of a brutal buyout with his company, so he has been gone a lot in the past month?Michelle gets her dressed for school in the morning and takes care of her after school until bedtime. Brandon was supposed to take next week off and stay at home for her so she doesn?t think we?d abandoned her?? At this they both become inconsolable, so Jane gets up and goes back to the hallway.

Lisbon follows, thinking he?s going outside, but realizes he is going upstairs. When he gets to the top of the stair he turns down the hallway, away from the master bedroom. He comes upon a pink door with ?Abbey?s Abode? written on the door in hot pink. He opens the door and is flooded by the pinks and purples coming from the room. He enters cautiously as Lisbon comes up behind him, ?What the hell are you doing in here?? She questions.

Crimson Carnations
Episode 3 Part 3

?That girl didn?t die naturally; something in here might tell us what happened to her. He picks up a feathered wand, looks it over, and puts it back down. He begins opening up the drawers of her desk until he comes upon a drawer with cassette tapes in it. He picks one up and reads the crayon scrawled label. ?# 14 KRI2Ma2? is written, he looks at a few more of the labels, ?She kept a diary,? he states, turning to show Lisbon the cassettes as she says, ?She was five, what kind of diary-.? She looks at the tapes and sighs as she sees about two dozen more in the drawer, ?You can have the honor of listening to all of those, the rest of us will stick to the investigation?? She leaves him there, collecting up all the tapes in his arms. He is reaching for the last few when Brandon McAllister walks into the room.

?Is it really necessary to take those, they are all we have left,? he questions.

?Something happened to your daughter, these might tell us something important?Don?t worry, I?ll make sure they get returned?Is there a tape player that goes with these??

Brandon turns around and rummages through a bookshelf until he finds what he?s looking for. He grabs it and turns to offer it to Jane. Jane hesitates a second before taking it, ?My daughter had one of these?? Jane says softly.

?We got that when Abbey was a baby, we?ve had it for over four years, she loved it so much. She started keeping her so-called diary about a year ago, mostly it was just her singing her songs, telling jokes, and playing the piano?.not much of a diary?? He grabs a pink pony adorned bag off a hook on the wall and gently helps Jane put the player and tapes inside.

Patrick follows as Brandon leads the way down a different set of stairs, leading directly into the kitchen. Rigsby and Lisbon are sitting with the wife, asking more questions, when they enter Patrick nods towards the front door signifying that he is finished. He turns to Brandon who then says, ?Its so hard knowing she won?t be here anymore, I just can?t believe she?s gone.?

Patrick puts his hand on Brandon?s shoulder and squeezes gently, ?I wish I could tell you it gets easier,? his eyes water a bit, ?but it never does?? With that Patrick leaves, not waiting for Lisbon or Rigsby.

?He lost his daughter?? Rigsby explains before following Lisbon out.

Crimson Carnations
Episode 3 Part 4

***Back at CBI HQ Jane has set up camp at his couch. He piled all the cassettes in numerical order, a few bottles of water, and trail mix. He pulls the tape player out of the bag and begins listening to the tapes. Lisbon and Rigsby are discussing the case when they receive a phone call.***

?Agent Rigsby, CBI?? Rigsby answers. His demeanor changes quickly, ?Oh, hey Van Pelt. How is it going in Nevada? Oh, that bad, yeah?.sitting right here.?

He covers the mouth piece and turns to Jane, ?Why does she want to talk to you?? Jane is as surprised as Lisbon and Rigsby, but just smiles and takes the phone from Rigsby.

?Hello Van Pelt, how is Cho doing?....I told you two not to get the seafood special, I?m glad one of you listened?..Is that right?...I?m sure Lisbon won?t mind, what do you have in mind?....Okay, she?ll definitely mind that, but no problem?.Yeah, don?t worry, she?ll get over it?.Okay, see you then?..Bye.?

Lisbon has a scowl on her face as Jane hangs up, ?I?m going to take off for a little while,? he announces, returning to the table to grab all the tapes. ?I might be back tomorrow, want to put off the rest of the investigation until then, or continue without me??

?Where the hell do you think you?re going?? Lisbon demands, grabbing his arm and turning him around.

?Silver Springs,? he answers simply.

?That?s where Van Pelt and Cho are, they?re retrieving the arsonist guy, for the chief. You know that guy killed 6 people?? Rigsby interjects.

Crimson Carnations
Episode 3 Part 5

Lisbon looks at him and gives him a look that makes him shut up. ?Why are you going to Silver Springs??

?Sorry, not allowed to say?? He finishes collecting the tapes and walks over to Van Pelts desk, retrieving something out of the middle drawer. He whistles as he gently slings the pony bag over his shoulder and struts out.

Lisbon exhales angrily, and turns back to Rigsby, ?Get Van Pelt on the phone and figure out what?s going on.? She leaves to go get more coffee.

The phone rings several times before Van Pelt answers, ?Hey Van Pelt, Lisbon is not happy, she wants to know what?s going on??Yeah, she was standing right here the entire time?..Well I can?t tell her anything until I know what?s really going on?.You left them behind? Oh man that is not good?.Yeah, he just left, he should be there in three hours if he doesn?t hit traffic?.Oh yeah, he is driving through the middle of nowhere, he shouldn?t hit traffic.?

Rigsby eyes Lisbon turning the corner coming back, ?So this friend really wanted Jane to drive all the way out there? She must be some friend for him to drive three hours just to see her?.Okay, well have fun?.Bye.? He hung up on the slightly confused Van Pelt as Lisbon sat own across from him. ?One of Jane?s friends works over in Silver Springs, he is going to go see her??

?Her?? Lisbon responds with a faint hint of jealousy.

Rigsby nods and returns to the papers in front of him, leaving Lisbon to sit silently with her imagination.

***Meanwhile, Patrick has made it out to the parking, looking for Van Pelts jeep. He finds it, unlocks it, and grabs a folder wedged between the seats.***

?Van Pelt?...Yeah I have the Transfer of Custody papers. How could you forget them?....Don?t worry, I?ll be there in a few hours?.Okay, bye.? He hangs up as he reaches his car, pulling off the pony bag as he takes his seat behind the wheel. He starts the engine and ejects the tape from the tape player in his dash; he takes the tape he was listening to out of Abbey?s tape player and puts it into the slot in his dash. He pulls out of the parking lot as Abbey finishes singing ?Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star?.

***Elapsed time, 45 minutes later, he is on the open road, not another car for miles. He ejects a tape and puts it in a plastic bag. He pulls another tape out of the pony bag, makes sure its #17, the next one, and slides it into the player.***

?Mommy, its time to practice!? yells a little girl?s voice. There are a few bumps as the girl put the player down on a hard surface. Mrs. McAllister says in the background, ?Start without me, I?ll be there in a minute.?

?Okay, mommy?? The little girl begins to play a song. Jane steps on the brakes and pulls to the side of the road. He sits there and listens to the song being played, the last song he heard his own daughter play. He sits in silence, even after the song has ended, ending the very short tape. He quivers slightly as a tear streams from his eye and he bites his lip, trying to hold back the tears.

Crimson Carnations
Episode 3 Part 6

It takes a while for him to regain his composer, and when he does, he removes the tape and puts in another one. He pulls back out on the road, drying his eye one last time.

The next few tapes are some more singing. He finishes #21 as he a pulls into a motel parking lot in Silver Springs. Van Pelt darts out of one of the motel rooms and runs up to him, giving him a big hug, and thanking him profusely. He hands over the folder and grabs the tapes before following Van Pelt back to her motel room. He gets a suspicious look from an old lady sweeping some steps. ?We don?t want our spouses finding out, her husband?s a cop!? He tells her, causing her to scurry away.

?Do you always have to make trouble?? Van Pelt complains, opening the door to let him into the room. Cho is sitting on one of the two beds, reading a book, and not looking too good.

?I?m just teasing,? Jane replies to Van Pelt before turning to Cho, ?Who told you not to eat the seafood?? He smiles as Cho gives him a look of contempt. ?So what did you tell Rigsby when he called for Lisbon to find out what?s going on??

?Told him what was going on and then he started talking about your friend really wanting to see you, your lady friend??

?Cover story, Van Pelt. At least he was quick on his feet. Now if you hurry, you can get your guy and get back tonight?I think I?ll stay here the night, play with Lisbon?s imagination. And you?.? He turns to Van Pelt, pointing his finger, ??will tell her nothing of it.?
Van Pelt opens her mouth to rebuttal, but decides to go with the flow, returning a smirk, ?Fine, but I?m not going to get in trouble for your prank, you?ll take all the blame??

He smiles and gives her a thumbs up, ?Fine with me, what?s the worst that can happen??

?This is wrong in so many ways,? Cho adds as he gets off the bed and gathers his things.

Van Pelt leaves the room first, smiling shyly at the old lady who had returned to her sweeping. Cho follows shortly, putting on his tie as Jane 
waves them off. At this the old lady lets out a squeal, ?Oh, dear God!? Jane smiles at her and waves to her as well before closing the door and returning to his tapes.

Crimson Carnations
Episode 3 Part 7

He listens to the rest of the tapes without anything interesting popping up. He?s just about give up when he gets an idea. He remembers when his daughter had one of these tape players. It had a storage compartment for one cassette on the back of the player. He flips the player around and slides the plastic away, revealing another tape inside. He grabs it out of the compartment and into the player. He rewinds it to the beginning and presses play.

?It hurts a lot, especially when I poke it?..Michelle says I was a bad girl, bad girls are punished.? Jane fast forwards, ??and mommy don?t want damaged goods, that?s what she said, she and Greg said if I told them what happened I?d be sent away, and never see mommy or daddy again, because they wouldn?t want me?? Jane can?t believe his ears, ??I don?t like wearing my sweater all the time, but Greg says that if I don?t, mommy and daddy will see that I?m damaged goods?.they?ll throw me away like they do the icky food.?

***Shows both sides of the conversation this time.***

Jane gets up, a newfound fury raging inside of him. His adrenaline is pumping so hard, he almost misses his phone ringing. ?What?? he yells into the receiver.

?Holy ***, Jane!!? Lisbon responds, pulling the phone away from her ear and proceeding to rub it.

He checks himself and returns to his phone call. ?What do you want?? He tries for a more pleasant tone this time.

?Autopsy is back??

??she was beaten to death?? He shudders in anger.

?How did you know that??

?I know who did it and I have the evidence to prove it? It was the nanny and a guy named Greg?? He hangs up the phone and grabs the 
tapes. He gets into his car and speeds back to CBI. He doesn?t hear his phone ring as he plays the tape over and over again.

Less than two hours later, he pulls into the CBI parking lot. He walks calmly into the CBI office, almost going unnoticed until Rigsby waves at him. Van Pelt stares as he sets down the tapes, she is clearly anticipating something. Jane stands there for several minutes before a ruckus in the hall grabs his attention. Lisbon and Cho walk in following a guy and a girl in handcuffs. ?Put Michelle in interrogation, ladies first?.Sit down Greg,? Lisbon commands as she shoves him into a seat. See then turns her attention to Jane, but as she approaches him, before she even gets a word out, he goes off. ?Is that him,? he points at Greg, striding past Lisbon with his fists clenched. He knocks Greg to the ground with a single blow before pulling him to his feet and shoving him against the wall. ?How do you like it, you worthless son of a ***?? 
He lands another one, square on Greg?s chin.

At this point, Lisbon, Cho, Van Pelt, and Rigsby come running to break up the fight. 

?Its not as much fun on the receiving end is it?? He lands a few more blows before Rigsby pulls Greg away from Jane and Cho grabs Jane from behind. ?I want to press charges!!?

Jane continues to struggle and nearly breaks free, when Lisbon hits him in the face, causing him to crumble to the floor. She flips him over, yanking his arm as she forces the cuffs on. ?Patrick Jane, you are under arrest for assault and battery. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to an attorney, if you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you by the state. Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?? She digs her knee into his back as he struggle a bit. She kneels to his ear whispering, ?Stop struggling and cooperate if you want to get out of this with your freedom. You?ve done some stupid things, this is at the top of the list??

Crimson Carnations
Episode 3 Part 8

*Everyone needed some cool off time*

?Are you really that stupid? Assaulting a man in the middle of CBI?? Patrick sits there; he continues holding the ice pack to his face, not saying anything to Lisbon. She takes the icepack from him, and hands him a piece of gauze to stop his bleeding lip. ?You?re going to have to say something eventually??she puts her hand on his shoulder, ??we all wanted to do it, I know that doesn?t make it right, but we are not the enemy here?? Jane still says nothing, but makes eye contact for a second before looking back at the wall.

Lisbon decides to take a break; she grabs the first aid kit and tosses the icepack into Jane?s lap. ?I?ll come back when you stop acting like a baby?? She locks the door of the holding cell before turning and leaving.

She hears yelling as she approaches the office and hastens her pace to investigate. She turns the corner and immediately retreats as she sees Minelli yelling at her team. Unfortunately, he notices her and, giving up on the team, follows her. He grabs her by the arm and leads her into an empty observation room. ?Why is your man assaulting prisoner? You get him under control before you kiss your career good bye.? He says under his breath as he turns to leave, ?He should have stayed in the loony bin after his family died, would have saved us all a lot of trouble??

Minelli?s statement gives Lisbon pause, she stands for a minute, with this sudden outlet into Jane?s life. She holds onto the thought as she heads to go talk to her team; continuing the investigation seems to be the only viable choice, the only one within her comfort zone. She sends Cho and Van Pelt to interrogate Michelle while she and Rigsby join Greg in the interrogation room.

Crimson Carnations
Episode 3 Part 9

?Mr?? Lisbon reads his criminal record, ??West, wow, you have a long record here?Assault and Battery, Concealed weapons charges, Sexual Battery?.The list just keeps going, doesn?t it??

?I still want to press charges against that ***!? Greg spits out.

?See that is where our problem starts?.If that man goes to jail, then you?ll be charged with first degree murder?? She looks him in the eyes, ?While I think that is what you deserve, I have been told we are willing to reduce from life to 25. That, however, is only if you forget about filing that assault charge.?

?Screw you lady, I didn?t do nothing!?

Rigsby grabs the guy and shoves him against the wall, holding him there with a forearm to the neck, ?You stupid bastard, we have proof, Abbey told us everything!!?

?You just said she was dead???

?She is, at your hands. She had a diary, it talked about the bruises you left?There is more than enough to get you life, this deal is the only chance you?ve got?.? Lisbon starts walking toward the door

?What does it mean to you if that prick does free?he?s crazy!?

Lisbon comes at Greg, ?Most people in this world take issue with people who kill children, Greg? If you think that beating was bad, wait until you get to prison. Child beaters, molesters, and killers have the highest mortality rate in prison?There are plenty of ways for them to find out what you did?and there are just as many ways to prevent anyone from finding out?.?

?It was Michelle!? Greg finally blurts out. ?She just flipped the other day, I don?t know what happened, she took it out on the kid?.all I did was grab her once, just to make sure she didn?t tell anyone, that?s it, honestly!?

Lisbon and Rigsby leave the interrogation room and walk down the hall to the interrogation room that is housing Michelle. Lisbon opens the door and summons Cho out of the room; she enters the room and takes a seat next to Van Pelt.

?Ms. Hawke?.Mr. West told us what you did. He told us that you beat Abigail McAllister to death?He said ?she just flipped the other day??want to elaborate??

?My daughter?..They wouldn?t let me see my daughter??

?Who wouldn?t let you see your daughter??

?Her new mom and dad?..I talked to the social worker?.she said that my daughter?s family didn?t want anything to do with me?..?

?What does that have to do with anything?? Lisbon flips through a few pages of Michelle?s file.

?About a week ago, I got a phone call from my daughter?s social worker, saying that my request for visitation had been denied?

?So you took it out on Abbey?? Van Pelt condemns.

?I?ve been taking care of that girl since she was three! I did everything for her, while her parents traveled and continued on with their live. I fed her, bathed her, taught her to read and ride a bike. I should have been doing that for my daughter, not their daughter?She just never left me alone, always bugging me, wanting me to play dress up, or wanting to go for walks?..She wouldn?t shut up, even after the cough syrup, she was always running her mouth?I told her to be quiet, I was on the phone with someone important?she starts singing her stupid little songs. She wouldn?t stop, I just needed some quiet time!?

?Well Ms. Hawke, your need for quiet time caused Abbey to bleed internally. She died a slow and painful death. What she probably thought was a tummy ache killed her?Is she quiet enough for you now?? Lisbon and Van Pelt get up and walk out of the room. When they get into the hallway Rigsby walks slowly up to them with a piece of paper in his hand.

?What?s up,? Lisbon asks, before recognizing a look of horror on his face.

?They were running the DNA in the case, they found Michelle Hawke?s daughter?? He hands Lisbon the piece of paper he?s holding. She looks at it and is suddenly filled with horror as well. She opens the door of the interrogation room and walks up to the table, opposite of Michelle.

?We found your daughter?.? She slides the paper across the table. ?You killed her??

Michelle Hawke looks at the paper and sees Abigail?s postmortem photograph along with the results of the DNA analysis. ?No, this can?t be!!? She screams as Lisbon once again walks out of the room.

Lisbon enters the holding cell, Jane is still sitting in the same position and doesn?t acknowledge her presence. ?Come on,? she tells him, as she holds the door open. He doesn?t budge. She walks up to him and grabs his arm, pulling him off the bench on which he was sitting. ?Damn it, Jane! Come on, let?s go!?

With the added encouragement he moves, he leaves the holding area, not saying anything. He grabs his keys off the coffee table on his way out, leaving his CBI badge where it lay. ?Is he coming back?? Cho asks, though no one knows the answer.

***Jane is standing in a cemetery, looking out across the vast expanse of stones. In his hand he holds a bouquet of crimson carnations. ***

He kneels down and places the carnations gently against the gravestone and smiles slightly, ?You would have killed me for the way I acted today?.Happy Anniversary? He talks to the wind.

?This is a beautiful place,? Brandon McAllister startles Patrick as he appears under a nearby tree, ?It?s so peaceful??

Patrick nods an acknowledgement and stands, ?Is this where your daughter will be put laid to rest??

?Yeah?..I think Abbey will find peace here?.Is this-?? he gestures toward the gravestone in which Jane placed the flowers.

?This one is my wife?.this one?,? he places his hand softly on a nearly identical, but smaller, stone, ??is our daughter?? Jane?s eyes water slightly.

?I?m sorry?.it must be so hard to have lost both of them?,? he reads the dates on the stones, ??at the same time.?

?It was my punishment?..?

***Fades Out***

Code Red-1 & 2 (old mentalist fanfic)

  • ***Setting: Jane and Lisbon are running down the dark street chasing two of the serial bank robbers who have been terrorizing San Diego for several months. The armed suspects turn into a crowded parking garage, Jane enters first, followed cautiously by Lisbon.***
    ?Slow down Jane, are you trying to get yourself killed?? Lisbon remarks as she pulls her gun up and turns on her flashlight. They could hear the echoing of footsteps ahead, and Jane turned back to Lisbon, ?Why would I do that? I?m just having a bit of fun.?
    ?You?re not even armed, what are you going to do, charm the guns out of their hands?? Lisbon responds. ?That would be fun-, ?Jane halts as gunshots ring out ahead and they hear several screams. They hasten their pace and come upon several bodies, one with a little girl over it;?Daddy?? the girl cries tugging on her dead father?s shirt. Jane takes hold of the little girl and holds her close as he retreats behind a car with Lisbon, unsure of where the gunmen are hiding. ?Shhh, shhhh, what?s your name?? She looks up at his face and hiccups, ?Nina Gomez.?
    ?Nina, that?s a pretty name. My name?s Patrick. Are you hurt, Nina??
    ?I scraped my knee but my daddy is sleeping and my mommy is hurt, she has a booboo on her tummy.?
    ?Where is your mommy, Nina?? Lisbon asks, scanning the surrounding area.
    ?In the van,? Nina points at a blue minivan with its side door and passenger doors open; Lisbon can see a hand sticking out of the passenger doorway. They sprint across the open space to the van and hear bullets hitting the ground near their feet. Jane pushes Nina into the van and slides her between the seats, ?Stay down Nina, pretend you?re playing Hide-and-Seek with your brothers.? Lisbon turns to him quizzically and he points to the picture on the dash showing Nina with three boys and her parents. Lisbon then turns her attention to Nina?s mom. ?Mrs. Gomez? Mrs. Gomez? Are you okay??
    Lisbon checks her pulse and discovers it is very weak. She pulls out her radio, ?Rigsby, where are you guys, we needed back up ten minutes ago?? Her radio crackles, ?We are five minutes out, we had to wait for the ambulances.? Jane chimes in, ?I don?t think she has enough time to wait, and no ambulance is going to get her in the middle of a fire fight.?
    ?Damn it Jane, I hate when you?re right. You need to take them and get out of here,? she finds the keys on the floor and hands them to Jane. ?I need to evacuate the rest of the garage before someone else gets killed.? She jumps out and shuts the sliding door behind her. She carefully closes the passenger door as more gunshots rain out, this time from the floor above. She turns back to Jane, who is fumbling with the keys, ?Get the hell out of here, Jane!!!? she yells as she runs toward the gunfire. He throws the van into reverse as soon as he turns the engine telling Nina to hold on. He pulls out and then switches to drive before accelerating out of the garage. He tells Nina to get into her car seat and buckle up after they are a safe distance from the garage and continues speeding towards the hospital.
    ***Lisbon is running up the ramp to the next level as several civilians run past her***
    ?Hurry up, move quickly toward the exit,? she commands the frightened civilians. She kneels down as she enters the platform where she can hear the suspects. She weaves between cars before coming across a teen boy bleeding from his leg. ?That son of a *** shot me!!? he screams, obviously fine. ?Shut up kid, or I?m going to shoot you,? she points her gun at him and he silences himself. She looks over the hood of the car they?ve taken refuge behind and sees that one of the other two suspects have joined the first two. She kneels down to collect her thoughts and to try to stop the boys bleeding. ?Where is the last robber?? She asks herself. She hears something behind her and as she turns she feels the hot lead rip into her shoulder. ?Right here,? she hears as she begins to slip out of consciousness. She hears another gunshot and then nothing?..
    Commercial Break anyone????
    ?.Lisbon comes to as she hears more gunfire. She notices the body of the fourth robber lying beside her, motionless. It is then that she notices the man standing over her shooting her gun. Her vision is still foggy and she can?t make out his face, ?Rigsby?? The man turns to her and says, ?Ahh, Agent Lisbon, nice of you to join us.? She then notices the teenager holding his jacket over her injured shoulder, ?Hi,? he stammers, wincing at each discharge.
    ?I?ll be back in a minute,? says the stranger before getting up and walking way. She hears a short struggle followed by three consecutive gunshots. After a few more minutes the stranger comes back, ?Can you walk?? He asks the teen, who nods and stands up. The stranger then picks up Lisbon in his arms and carries her, while supporting the teen, out of the parking garage. Paramedics waiting outside receive the injured agent and teen. ?Thanks man!? yells the teen as the stranger walks away. ?No problem,? he responds as they are loaded into the ambulances.
    ?Lisbon, you need to come back to the scene, ASAP,? Van Pelt tells her on the phone as she recovers in the hospital. ?Is that Jane yelling in the background??
    ?Please just get here as soon as you can,? Van Pelt repeats before hanging up. Lisbon pulls the blankets off her legs and struggles out of bed, ?Cho, Cho? Wake up and hand me my clothes.? Cho startles awake and tries to object to whatever she?s planning but she gives him ?that look.? He hands her the bag of cloths and leaves, closing the door behind him. Several minutes later she walks out uneasily, wincing with every step. They sneak past the nurse?s station and out of the hospital?s ambulance bay.
    When they arrive at the scene a uniform waves them into the garage and they drive up to the yellow tape. Van Pelt and Cho help her out of the car and walk with her to where Jane was yelling, ?how could no one have seen his face!??? She looks at the scene and recoils in shock. The smiley face was dried on the concrete, the message stunned her ?Good thing I was keeping tabs???fade out
    The end

    Pt. 1

    ***Setting: fades into the scene of the crime and Lisbon is still looking at the smiley face and message. In the background Minelli is talking on the phone, back turned to the scene. Jane is pacing back and forth, obviously stressing. Minelli hangs up his phone, takes a deep breath, and turns finally noticing Lisbon standing there-a bit pale. ***
    ?What the hell are you doing here!!? I just got off the phone with the hospital, they went in to give you your pain meds and found you gone!! Get back there Lisbon, you are a civilian until you?re deemed fit to return to duty, you have no business being here.? He pulls Cho aside, ?If she isn?t back in that hospital bed in an hour then you can join her when I suspend you. And take Jane, too, he?s not worth a damn like this.?
    Van Pelt and Rigsby are standing to the side, Van Pelt is taking notes of the scene, and they are both eavesdropping on Minelli and Cho. They look back at Jane as he starts moving towards Lisbon. ?This is gonna be interesting,? Rigsby comments. ?How could HE have been right there,? he motions to the area right in front of her face, ?and you not see his face?? Lisbon steps back to avoid Jane?s arm as he demonstrates how close she was to his nemesis. ?Come on Patrick, you two will have plenty of time to chat when Lisbon gets back to the hospital, I?ll even let you go with her,? Minelli announces as he and Cho return to Lisbon. Lisbon turns to Minelli wide-eyed, ?Are you kidding-?
    ?Just go, now.? With that, he assists Cho in taking the two to the waiting squad car and puts them both in the back seat, ?I don?t want either of you two trying to run off before you get there,? he says as he handcuffs Lisbon?s good arm to Jane?s arm. ?Sir, is this really necessary?? Cho questions.
    ?I don?t want either of these two,? he looks at Lisbon and Jane,?anywhere near this investigation, and as soon as another team gets here, the rest of your team will be joining you all?.Now I?ll give you the key to those cuffs when I get to the hospital, if I find out that someone let them free, or they left the hospital, I will not only have yours and Lisbon?s badges but Van Pelt?s and Rigsby?s as well. You understand me??
    Cho gulps, and nods his head in understanding. Van Pelt and Rigsby rush over, ?You guys wouldn?t risk our careers over this right?? Van Pelt asks before Rigsby pushes her aside, ?I?ll kill the both of you if I lose my job because of you.?
    ?Please, just shoot me now,? Lisbon pleads, knowing that it will be a while before Minelli makes it down to the hospital.
    ?Well have a nice time,? Rigsby adds as he closes the door. Lisbon lifts her good arm to show Rigsby the finger, but Jane stops her by grabbing her with his free hand, ?That wouldn?t be very nice.? Lisbon, fuming at her current situation, jerks her hand free and leans back, looking at the roof of the car. She tries resting her arm across her abdomen, but with Jane?s hand following she resigns to keeping it at her side.

    Less than five minutes after Cho pulls away the new team arrives and Minelli dismisses Van Pelt and Rigsby and tells them to go to the hospital with the others until Internal Affairs talks to everyone.

    CODE RED Part 2

    At the hospital everyone is antsy; they don?t like just sitting around. Lisbon is sitting on the hospital bed and Jane is sitting next to her listening to music, unable to achieve much distance. After about an hour there is a gentle knock on the door, ?Excuse me, Ms. Lisbon you and Mr. Jane have a visitor,? informs the nurse as she opens the door. Nina Gomez walks in with flowers in her had, escorted by a young man pulling three boys behind him. Nina walks up to the bed and hands Lisbon all but one of the flowers, ?Thank you for protecting us from the bad men,? she walks around the bed to where Jane is seated. He is dropping his headphones into his lap as she hands him the single flower, ?Thank you for saving my mommy,? as she hugs him the room is silent, everyone knowing that even though her mom made it, her father wasn?t so lucky. Van Pelt wipes a tear from her eye, trying not to draw attention, but Nina takes notice, bringing her a tissue. ?Don?t worry, everything will be alright,? Nina comforts her, not knowing that the tears are for her. Those words bring tears to the eyes of the young man, still holding onto the three boys. He turns to Lisbon and Jane, ?God willing, she will keep her youthful innocence after it finally sinks in that our father is gone. Our father has taught me everything I know, but I fear he never taught me how to be a father to my brothers and sister.?
    Jane breaks into the conversation, ?No one can teach you how to be a father, it will take years to learn, and even then you?ll screw up a bit. But they?ll love you anyway and look up to you still. You just love them and keep them safe?.? he pauses, ?They?ll be okay in time and they?ll grow up knowing you did your best. Just listen to them and be there when they need a shoulder to cry on.?
    Jane?s statement sinks in for several minutes before Nina and her brothers depart to visit their mother. When the nurse comes in again, Lisbon inquires as to the condition of the teen from the parking garage. ?I?m not sure, but I can find out for you,? the nurse responded before leaving, again. An orderly drops off lunch a few minutes later, breaking the awkward silence that had ensued after the Gomez?s left.
    ?Are you really going to eat that?? Jane asks, causing Lisbon to shove a large spoonful of the mystery lunch into her mouth. Her expression changes from spite to slight disgust as she forces herself to swallow the acrid paste. Jane laughs and Van Pelt hides a smile with her hand. Lisbon reaches for her cup of juice and sends Jane?s hand crashing into the mystery paste, at this everyone erupts in laughter, even Cho cracks a smile. Lisbon tries to apologize through the laughter, but after repeated attempt, she gives up. Jane, taking advantage of Lisbon being distracted, takes to opportunity to retaliate, dropping her hand into the paste. ?Hey, that?s not nice,? she protests, shaking the goop off her hand. ?I should reprimand you for that.? Jane smiles his quirky smile, ?You started it??
    ?Come on children, behave yourselves,? Minelli says, walking into the room, ?we now have a bigger problem than messy hands. ?Agent Lisbon, you don?t remember anything at all about the man who killed the robbers??
    ?I didn?t see much of anything, but the kid, he should have seen the guy. The kid was conscious the entire time, as far as I know.?
    ?We should get a sketch artist in to see him as soon as we can??
    ?Code Yellow, attention hospital staff, we have a Code Yellow. Male patient, 19, GSW to the Femoral region, missing from Surgical Ward?.? Came on the loud speaker.
    ?Son of a ***,? Minelli yells, ?that?s our witness!!!? He runs out of the room, closely followed by Cho, Rigsby, and Van Pelt. Lisbon jumps off the bed and starts after them before being yanked backwards. She turns to see Jane is still sitting down, his MP3 spewed across the floor, in several pieces, ?Hey, that?s not nice?? he pouts. ?You aren?t supposed to be doing anything, that includes breaking other peoples stuff,? he complains pointing out his MP3 player.
    ?Just come on, I know this kid and Jeremy?s the only one who got a good look at Red John??
    At this, Jane rises to his feet and hops over the bed. Lisbon pulls him along as they move through the corridors, finally catching up with the others. They are standing in Jeremy?s room with no sign of the injured teen. There is a sketchbook on the bed, piled with papers and on top is a box of pencils. Rigsby goes to check the drawings, but as soon as he moves the pencil box, the pile explodes.
    ***Black out, ringing sound, Fades in again***

?Code Red,? yells the nurse through an intercom on the wall, ?I repeat, Code Red, with officers down!! Paging Dr. Allcome to the surgical floor for immediate evacuation?? 
Rigsby is on the floor his arm is on fire, and he?s screaming. Minelli grabs a blanket and extinguishes Rigsby?s arm as Jane lunges for the smoldering pages. Lisbon yanks Jane back as the fire erupts, catching the curtains and the rest of the bed, and Lisbon and Jane crash to the floor. Jane hits the floor, smashing his head as Lisbon falls next to him, hitting the adjoining bed on the way down. ?Son of a-,? She exclaims as pain shoots through her shoulder. She soon notices that Jane isn?t moving and manages to catch Van Pelts attention. The ringing in her ear fades enough to here Van Pelt cry, ??you killed Jane!!?
Minelli rushes over and, fumbling with his keys, unlocks the handcuffs. ?Patrick?? Lisbon pleads, ?Patrick wake up, damn it! Are you okay?? Jane?s eyes flutter, after a few seconds he focuses on Lisbon?s face, just 8 inches from his. ?You know it?s a crime to take advantage of disabled people??
?Yeah,? she remarks, getting up. ?He?s perfectly fine??
?But you?re not?? Van Pelt adds, pointing at Lisbon?s shoulder, where her gunshot wound is bleeding through her shirt. ??and neither is Rigsby.?
The fire continues to spread, ?We should probably move this party outside,? Jane says as the sprinklers come on. Minelli and Cho help Rigsby to out of the room as Van Pelt, Lisbon, and Jane follow them out. The hallway is busy as the staff works to evacuate the floor. Suddenly a scream rings out from the stairwell, Cho, Lisbon, Jane, and Van Pelt run to see what?s going on. An orderly and a patient are standing in the doorway, staring at something on the wall. Jane and Lisbon push past them and see a red smiley face on the concrete wall, a small envelope on the wall below it. Lisbon steps forward, following a trail of blood on the floor. As soon as she looks down the flight of stairs, she recoils in disgust, crying out, ?Oh, my god, Jeremy?? As she turns away, Jane pulls her into his arms, putting her back to the scene, and giving him a full view of the mangled corpse on the landing below. He tears the envelope off the wall before pulling Lisbon out into the hallway, away from Jeremy?s body. He finds an empty gurney nearby and has Lisbon sit down, instructing her to take deep breaths. After a few minutes, Lisbon has calmed down enough to focus back to the present. She takes the envelope from Jane and reads it. ?Agent Lisbon, CBI? Lisbon rips it open and unfolds the letter inside.
Dear miss Lisbon,
I feel this is an unfortunate situation and apologize for any trauma I may have caused you in this series of events. I fear that by coming to your rescue, I have compromised my safety and needed to correct my mistake. Though it was a bit unwise of me to meet you face to face, I believe our mutual friend, mister Jane, is in too fragile a state for more tragedy to befall him at this time. I hope that you never remember the events of last evening for fear that we may have to meet one last time. Please wish him well for me..  CODE RED Part 4
?Oh, my...,? is all Lisbon could manage as she hands the letter to Patrick. He reads it and sits down next to her. ?That bastard??Jane responds, also speechless. They sit there in silence as the world whizzes by, knowing that they were the two responsible for the series of events that lead up to this moment. Lisbon lets a single tear escape before turning to look at Jane. Jane has been sitting there, reliving his Red John encounters, and turns when he notices Lisbon looking at him. ?I want to get this cold-blooded bastard, I want to get him and kill him, slowly,? he tells her.

?It?ll be easier if you know what he looks like,? Lisbon responds.

?Yeah, but our only witness is?.dead,? he answers softly.

?You?ve used hypnotism for memory recall before, haven?t you?? she asks.

Jane looks at her stunned by the words that came out of her mouth, ?I thought you didn?t see anything??

?I?ve been on narcotics ever since, I didn?t even remember getting shot, when I woke up. We?ll never know until we try, and everyday Red John is out there means more bodies?? Lisbon responds, feeling that Jane will never let her live this down. She slips off the gurney and he follows. Van Pelt takes notice but, unsure what they are up to, says nothing to Cho as Lisbon and Jane enter the stairwell on the opposite end of the hall. Jane leads the way down the stairs and that is when Lisbon notices the blood, ?Patrick,? she says pausing as he turns back to look at her, ?Your head?The back of your head is bleeding.? He pulls a handkerchief out of his jacket and dabs the back of his head, wincing as it makes contact. He pulls it away and looks at the saturated cloth. ?First my MP3, then my head, you?re 2 for 2 today, Lisbon?? he mutters, just loud enough for her to hear among the echoes of footsteps.

They come out on the first floor of the hospital, the trauma ward. Lisbon looks away as Jane grabs a box of gauze and some icepacks off a shelf. ?Instead of playing doctor, you should get that checked out, head trauma can be serious,? she informs him when they meet up again outside. Jane pretends to not hear her, so Lisbon walks up to a paramedic about to get back into his rig, ?I?ll give you $50 to watch this guy for a few hours,? she tells him.

The paramedic looks at her, ?you?re kidding me, right? I?ve got better things to do than look after your boyfriend.?

Jane steps forward, reaches into Lisbon?s pocket and pulls out her badge, showing it to the paramedic, ?My ?girlfriend? will kick your ass if you don?t do what she says, trust me I know. Don?t let her short stature and her injured shoulder fool you.? Lisbon turns to yell at Jane, but he continues, ?Besides, she could arrest you for attempting to drive an automobile under the influence, and then you?d still be hanging out with us, but you?d also be out of a job?.Now you are going to say, 'Hi my name is Randy and I?ll be your driver today'.?
Randy hesitates, but seeing the look on Lisbon?s face, concedes, ?Hi, my name is Randy and I?ll be your driver today?..but what about my partner?? he asks pointing to a young woman walking out of the building. Lisbon and Jane look at each other , Lisbon answers, ?Well none of us can drive?if she asks, this is official CBI business.?

?Hey Carla, we?ve got another run to make,? Randy yells, waving her over. When she gets there he introduces everyone, ?We are supposed to keep an eye on this guy for the CBI, he messed up his head in the explosion.?

?I call shotgun,? Jane chants with a smile before catching Lisbon?s glare, ?you need to get your shoulder fixed up, and I don?t think Randy here would mind helping you out, though it?ll sadden him to know you?re wearing a pastel yellow camisole under that, too.? Lisbon shakes her head at Jane?s statement before following Randy into the back of the ambulance. Jane gets in, up front, and lets a squeal of glee escape as he sees all the buttons.

Before Carla starts the engine, she puts some of the gauze on Patrick?s head and gently puts an icepack on top. ?See Lisbon, that?s how it?s supposed to work, be nice to the injured person?not break their MP3 player!?

?Can you shut up about that stupid thing; you got hurt after I broke it!?

?So you admit it, you were the one who broke it??

?If you shut up, I?ll buy you a new one?

?Okay,? Patrick now turns his attention to Carla, ?You hear how mean she is? She treats me like this all the time, even when I give her everything she wants??

?Patrick!-?Lisbon is getting very impatient.

?Okay, maybe not everything?..she?s been wanting a Jamaican Lover?s Getaway, but work is just-?



?Dude, you need to shut up, you should know by now not to piss off your old lady,? Randy adds

?Oh my god, Jane, look what you started!?
After a few minutes of silence they pull into the CBI parking lot. Randy and Carla grab their bags, strap them to the gurney, and follow Jane and Lisbon into the building. ?Do we really need all of this?? Lisbon asks as they go through security.

?If anything happens its easier to have it with us than having to come back to get it all,? Carla replies. 
After getting through security Jane decides to take a seat on the gurney. Randy, who is pushing it, doesn?t mind but Lisbon holds back her opinion.

?So how did you know she was wearing a yellow tank top?? Randy asks.

Jane smirks, ?I?m psychic.? Lisbon shoots him another look, but also wonders. ?Okay fine, I was the one who picked out her outfit, you should see the fun stuff she has in the bottom left-?

Lisbon clenches her fist as she turns around, ?Patrick Jane, you are the most infuriating person I have ever met. What the hell were you doing in my house??

?What?? I volunteered. You didn?t have anything to wear, your other jacket and shirt were evidence. I really liked that jacket, too, it was like a tough-guy jacket?.Besides, I wanted to see if you really had a dozen cats?.but nope, only that one. Oh, he was hungry so I fed him, but then I got hungry, so I ate some of your ice cream. Do you really need two gallons of ice cream?...Then I checked your messages, your dentist called about filling that cavity, tsk, tsk?.?

Lisbon massaged her temple muttering, ?My gun is in evidence, my gun is in evidence??

They finally get to the office; Lisbon goes to get herself a cup of coffee as Jane finds his way to his couch. When she gets back, ?Can we get this over with, preferably before I lose all sense of sanity??

?You need to relax first, hypnosis requires total relaxation. You shouldn?t stress out so much??

Lisbon holds her tongue and decides, instead, to offer Randy and Carla some coffee.

?Want some coffee?? Randy asks Patrick, who just waves him off. Randy follows Carla and Lisbon to the coffee machine.

?Is he always like this, because if not, then he could definitely have brain trauma?? Carla asks, sipping some of her coffee.

?Oh, he is always like this, and I mean always!? Lisbon groans, ?He is always playing one of his games, screwing with people, driving nails into my coffin??

?Then why do you work with him?? Carla asks.

?Because he gets results,? Lisbon replies, ?We solve nearly every case he works on??

??at the cost of your sanity??Randy chimes in, getting a look from both women. ?Let?s not beat a dead horse, ladies. I mean he seems like a nice guy, a few issues, but nice?.Besides, if he pisses you off so much, why you letting the guy hypnotize you, aren?t you afraid he?ll try something??

?Not when he?s focused on catching the man who murdered his wife and daughter??Lisbon closes the conversation and starts to head back to the office. Carla and Randy look at each other in the awkward silence and follow Lisbon.

?Hey Jane, can we get this started?? Lisbon asks while putting down her coffee. After she gets no response she looks up at the couch to make sure he?s still there. ?Jane, come on, don?t pretend you?re asleep?? She approaches Jane, getting irritated again. She shakes his shoulder, but gets no response.

?Patrick?? she shouts with no response, causing Carla and Randy to rush over.

?He?s not moving air,? Carla states and then rushes to the gurney and pulls it over. She drops the bags on the floor before she and Randy move Jane onto the gurney. Randy pulls out a face mask and begins pumping oxygen into Patrick as Carla conjures a small heart monitor and hooks Jane up to it.
?He has a faint pulse,? Carla reassures Lisbon as she puts an IV in Jane?s arm. She attaches a saline bag to the IV and injects meds into it. The faint pulse gets a little bit stronger, but not much as they roll out of the office. Lisbon looks back at the couch as they leave, noticing the blood where Patrick?s head had been. She pushes all thoughts aside as she quickens her pace to keep up with the paramedics.

?What happened?? she asks as they enter the elevator, Randy still squeezing the bag every few seconds.

?Its probably his brain swelling, he should have been checked out as soon as this happened,? Carla responds.

?Patrick Jane doesn?t do anything he doesn?t want to do?? Lisbon replies as the doors open on the first floor.

They wheel Jane past the shocked security guard and load him into the ambulance. Randy and Lisbon hop into the back with Jane, once again leaving Carla to the driving. As she pulls out of the parking lot, she turns on the lights and sirens. Carla then grabs the radio to inform the hospital that they are en route.

?Hey, Agent Lisbon!? Randy yells over the sirens to get her attention. She turns to him, he can tell she?s still in shock from the situation, ?Agent Lisbon, I need you to take over bagging for a minute?.just squeeze this bag every few seconds,? he takes her hand and puts it on the 
bag. He repeats, ?Every few seconds,? before turning to search for some supplies.

Randy quickly acquires the necessary supplies and repositions himself at Jane?s head. He empties two syringes into Jane?s IV, waits a few seconds, and then brushes Lisbon?s hand and the bag aside. He shifts Jane?s head slightly before inserting the laryngoscope into Jane?s mouth. ?Carla, smooth it a bit,? he yells, they slow down a bit, giving him the opportunity to slide the ET tube in place. He removes the laryngoscope and grabs the bag from Lisbon. He removes the face mask and attaches the bag to the tube. He checks the placement of the tube with his stethoscope before securing it in place.

He continues bagging Jane as he says to Lisbon, ?I?ve done all I can do to help him right now, I gave him drugs to help the brain swelling and drugs to help keep his heart beating but he is going to need major surgery, and with that comes no guarantee?? He stops as they pull into the ambulance bay of the hospital and the back doors swing open.  

Lisbon follows closely as the doctor and paramedics push Jane into the hospital. The doctor tells them that Patrick will be heading straight to the surgical ward. They load into the elevator and come out on the surgical floor, down the hall from where Minelli and the team are still investigating.

?He?s crashing,? announces the doctor as the heart monitor sounds its alarm. Van Pelt, Cho, and Minelli all look up in time to catch a glimpse of Jane before he is pushed through the doors into a restricted area. Lisbon is still standing there as the doors swing shut and the gang runs over to inquire.

?Now you really have killed him!? Van Pelt cries. They look through the glass on the door and watch as the doctor stops the gurney to shock Jane. She shakes her head in dismay before she notices her audience. She pushes the gurney through another door, until they are out of sight.
?God damn you, Patrick Jane,? Lisbon says to herself as she takes a seat on the floor against the wall. She takes a second to compose herself a little, ?How is Rigsby doing?? She tries to divert from the issue at hand.

?They say he?ll be okay; he should regain full use of his hand with minimal scarring,? Van Pelt responds, kneeling down next to Lisbon. 

?What happened??

?I really don?t want to talk about this right now,? Lisbon responds, getting up to move to a quieter place.

?Well I want to know what the hell happened to him!? yells Minelli, pushing Lisbon over the edge.

?You want to know what happened?? she yells back, ?I broke his MP3 player?I broke his MP3 player and then I broke him. I smashed his head open! I let him talk me into something stupid and I might have even gotten him killed!!! That?s what happened!!!!? She storms down the hallway, not noticing that every single person is staring at her.

She wanders the hallways for a while until she finds a quiet corridor and an empty room. She turns on the light and closes the door behind her. Lisbon then walks over to the sink to splash water on her face. She looks at herself in the mirror and realizes how tired she is, she hasn?t gotten very much sleep in the past few days.

She closes her eyes, trying to rid her mind of the past few days but all she can think about is Jeremy and Patrick, and all that blood?She opens her eyes as she gets nauseous and has barely enough time to grab the wastebasket before she vomits. She rinses her mouth with water, before making her way to the bed. She puts her badge on the bedside table and lays down, pulling the blanket up to her neck. This time the tears start flowing and she does nothing to stop them.
CODE RED Part 10, Final scenes
***Now Patrick is in the operating room, obviously still alive, lying on his stomach. The camera starts out zoomed in to the tube in his mouth. As it zooms out it shows his shaven head and the surgeons working on the back of it. They remove several quarter sized pieces before we fade out?..***

COMMERCIAL (I decided that this episode would be presented with limited commercial interruptions for a better flow {aka: I forgot to write them in and am too lazy to go back} so yeah?.)

***The scene fades in to a sunny hospital room several days later; Patrick is lying on the bed, the back of his head is bandaged. Lisbon has nodded off in a chair next to the bed. Rigsby is sitting on the couch, in a hospital gown and with his entire arm bandaged, eating Jell-o. Van Pelt is helping him with his food. Cho is sitting at a table and has a bunch of papers in front of him that he is working on. ***

?It?s been three days, when is he gonna wake up?? Rigsby asks aloud to no one in particular between bites of Jell-o.

Van Pelt holds back the spoon, ?Its not helping that you ask every five minutes if he?s going to wake up.? She lowers her voice so Lisbon doesn?t hear, ?at least he?s breathing on his own?he was pretty bad off, just give him some time??

Patrick stirs a bit, drawing everybody?s attention. Van Pelt and Rigsby get up and move closer waking Lisbon. Rigsby stands next to the bed, leaning in a bit to watch for any movement. He reaches out his good hand to poke Patrick.

?BOO!!? Patrick opens his eyes and startles Rigsby.

?Holy Crap, man!!!? Rigsby recoils knocking into Van Pelt. Cho gets up and comes over to the bed.

?You?re awake!? exclaims Van Pelt with a smile as she pushes past Rigsby to give Patrick a light hug.

?How long have you been conscious?? Cho asks.

?A few hours or so?.does it really matter. I?m hungry; can we get some burgers or something??

?Sorry, I have paperwork to do, but have fun,? Cho responds, grabbing his papers and heading to the door, ?Happy to hear you?re okay.?

?Why does he have paperwork and none of you do?? Patrick inquires, grabbing Lisbon?s phone off the bedside table and dialing a number covering the mouthpiece as he puts it to his ear.

?Well,? answers Van Pelt, ?Rigsby is on medical leave, Lisbon is on medical leave and one month suspension for what happened to you, and I?m on a one month suspension for my knowledge of what happened to you??

?I guess I should apologize-hold on a minute,? he uncovers the mouthpiece, ?Yes, can I get six burgers delivered to the hospital across the street,? he covers the mouthpiece, ?where?s my wallet?? Van Pelt retrieves it from a bag on the floor and hands it to him, he opens it, looks inside and gets back to the phone call, ??Yeah, plus four drinks and fries?.Okay, They?ll be here in ten minutes?...Okay, just look for the guy in a hospital gown?.Oh, yeah, um he has a bandaged arm. He?ll be with the church girl?..okay, yeah $24.81, got it. Bye.? Lisbon extends her hand and he places the phone in it. He then grabs his wallet and pulls out a $50, he handed it to a wide-eyed Rigsby and returns Van Pelts scowl with a smile.

Van Pelt and Rigsby depart, leaving Lisbon and Jane alone. ?Look, Theresa,? he puts her off guard using her first name, ?I?m sorry, I probably should have listened to you??

She doesn't say anything as she reached down into a bag and pulls out a small box, she tosses it on his lap. ?Now we?re even?? she remarks.
?Is it a puppy?? Jane jokes as he picks it up and shakes it.

?Just open it?? Lisbon replies.

He takes the top of the box off and smiles as he sees what?s inside. He smiles as he turns it towards her, ?It?s a new MP3 player!!....Oh, and it?s pink!!?

He pulls the hot pink MP3 player out of the box, ?It was the only color they had,? she declares with a smirk.

?Oh, the color is lovely; it?ll go well with my golden locks!? He sees the smirk fade from Lisbon?s face. He pulls the blankets off and walks over to the mirror on the wall. Other than the bandage on the back of his head, his head was totally bare. He turns on his heels and looks back at her, ?What did you do to me???? he yells and then slips to the floor and starts laughing which throws Lisbon way off guard.

?What the hell are you laughing at?? She says as she goes to help him up. 

?I?m just thinking about the fact that I almost didn?t get out of bed this morning?I mean, well whatever morning it was?I would have never gotten so infuriated meaning we wouldn?t have been handcuffed together. I wouldn?t have been at the hospital when Jeremy went missing, so you-I wouldn?t have cracked my head open, followed along with your crazy idea, or ever lost my hair!!?

?Too bad you couldn?t have seen it coming?? She tries to help to help him up, slips and joins him on the floor. Patrick smiles as Lisbon looks at him, creating a smile on her face. ?It?s not funny,? she shoves him lightly.

?I think you just broke a few of my ribs!!? he laughs as he pushes her back.

?That?s not funny?? She tries to hold back a laugh, but fails.

Patrick puts his arm around her shoulders to balance himself as they start laughing harder, a laugh of defeat and at small victory and irony?.when the world has you beat.

***Starts to fade out, but holds the conversation***

After several minutes, Jane sobers up enough to chime an idea, ?I say the team needs a vacation after all of this?.A friend of mine has a beach house free for use in San Diego, right on the water. You, Van Pelt, Rigsby, me, and maybe even Cho, we could all go relax for a month. I mean we have nothing to do for an entire month?.6 bedrooms, 3 bath, spa nearby?.?

***roll the credits, season finale?.they rest up, grow hair back, and are all spiffy for the new season!!!***

01 August 2013

Girl- by Wife

*Girl has turned over a new leaf and is...sleeping in!  Sis has been sleeping til 8 or 9 and once even until 10:30!  That was after a long day at school, playdate at the park, trip to Costco and a Moms' Group (that would make anyone want to sleep til 10:30!).

*Sis loves singing and really picking up her skills late in the school year.  Starting in about early June she would come home belting out all of these adorable songs.  3 Little Speckled Frogs, 5 Monkeys and an Alligator, Little Bunny Foo Foo to name a few.  She loves to sing to baby and baby LOVES to watch her.

*Girl is finding her comic voice.  She loves telling jokes (sometimes that only she thinks are funny) and laugh hysterically after.  For about two weeks straight she told a story about a boy who had a dinosaur in his backyard.  He would go outside and find him and them say....(dramatic pause for huge punch line)...BOO!  She would say 'Boo!' in a silly high voice with her littler pursed lips and just crack up every time.  So cute!

*Girl is a chatty Kathy.  She will talk anyone's ear off at anytime.  Our friend's had her over for dinner and couldn't get a word in edgewise..nor could they get her to take a bite without talking.  Another day I was nursing baby at the park and actually had to get up and assist a young girl and her father around a play structure.  Sissy had cornered them and was going on and on about something.  The dad was too polite to stop her chatting and try to get by.  Hilarious!

*Sis is becoming a wonderful listener...with the right motivation. Sometimes she will choose to listen just because...but if there is even a hint of a reward, she will blow through anything in her way to get it.  

*Miss Girl has the memory of an elephant.  She truly stuns me with the details of events that happened over a year ago.  I think it is so wild that at 2 things were sinking in so much that she can verbalize them now.

*House-Girl and Boy are so cute playing house.  I'll take it as a sign that staying home with the kids is the right move for our family.  They play mom and dad and baby all the time.  They serve food, get ready for nap, watch a show (with juice, popcorn and candy).  It is often a great wake up call for what is going on in our life to see them emulate what they see everyday.  I have to say one of the most hilarious 'episodes' was when R was over.  R was mom, Boy was dad and Sis was baby.  I hear them bantering outside, "Hello sweetheart"~mom.  "Time for dinner"~mom.  "Goo Goo"~baby.  "Can I have some money please?"~dad!  I was cracking up!

*Girl's fits are getting to be less and less these days.  However she will look at me with a rude face and say "No" sometimes.  She is quick to understand consequences and almost immediately after rude behavior she apologizes and straightens up or freaks out because she doesn't want to get in trouble.

I'm truly loving life with a 3 and a half year old daughter.  She is totally and truly sweet and loving sometimes and it makes it all worth it.

Boy- by Wife

*Our little early bird.  Mr Boy has been rising with the sun the last couple of months.  He is so loving and sweet and will come and snuggle with us in bed and wait for the girls to wake up.

*The sam'est'.  Boy has been 'practicing' with prefixes and suffixes lately.  It is hilarious.  My current fave is samest.  When two things are the same or similar Boy runs around saying, 'They are the samest!"

*Mr. Independent Play.  Boy's attention span continues to astound me.  As long as he is not distracted (which is often) he can stay very content with a small pile of toys or books.  Current favorites include Cars, dominoes, Duplo barn legos, and his truck and car collection (which he carries around in a sweet Napolean Dynomite metal lunch box).

*Potty trained!  After months and months and months of accidents Boy has turned the corner with undies.  A couple of weeks ago he said, "Mom I won't poop in my pants any more."  I was skeptical :), but now I see him stop playing, come inside and holler (to no one in particular) "I need to go poo poo!".  Yay!

*ABCs and 123s.  Boy recognizes many letters now and is in love with a show called, Word World.  Boy has also been counting quite a bit and what I am most impressed with is his ability to count small groups of items without using his fingers.  I will ask him how many bowls are on the table at dinner and he will quickly look around and say 4.  I think that is pretty neat.

*Our biggest discipline areas are acting silly to avoid having a serious conversation and dealing with the fact that about 90% Boy's first responce to everything is "No!" (Something he mimics from his father)  It is as automatic as a reflex.  His "No!" answers have become so common that now I mostly just ignore the first thing he says and give him a couple of seconds to actually think about the question and do what I am asking him.  As for acting silly, Boy often crosses his eyes or does a silly dance when we are trying to explain consequences.  Eh, could be worse:)

*Pointing with his whole hand.  It is adorable and he looks like a game show host whenever he wants to show us anything!


Part 2:

Boy and I have not been getting along.  It's true.  It is weird to admit, but when I thought about it..that's just what is happening.  Let me go back.  Ancora has been going to the feild/deployed since the kids were 20 months.  That is basically half of Boy's life and he is SO much more sensitive to when E is away and when he is not. 

E has been on vacation and we have had a lot of Daddy time the last month.  Now, with Eric gone to work, the little pieces of defiance, easily irritated, not listening...have been trickling in.  It seems that everything I do to handle the situation with Boy only made things worse.  

We were mad at eachother.

I was getting concerned.  Boy was having more accidents and continued to withdraw from me verbally day by day.

This week, my sweet friend, texted me out of the blue offering to take both girls for a couple of hours so that Boy and I could have some alone time!  Yes, please.

Let's go!

*All of the pictures in this post are courtesy of the iphone!

Lunch at the food court.  Boy's chose, "rice and beans...and cheese and salad" (that is what the kids call lettuce).  I was so proud of him, he was SO happy eating and chatting and just basically getting to do whatever he wanted and not having to wait for either of his sisters to take some of the attention away.

"Are you having fun?"

"Yes mommy!"

We were watching the light rail and decided to take a quick ride. It is SO different having a 1 to 1 ration with a child.  You can change plans, pick up a kid and go!  No planning for infant meals/diaper changes, no negotiating who is going to go first/if we both want to ride the train/run to the bathroom.  

Honestly, this 2 hour date day invigorated BOTH of us!  Boy has been talking more, listening better, happier (just look at his smile in the next pic!  I haven't seen that free of a smile  in a while.

Lil Miss- 9mo!

Happy 9 Month Birthday Angel Pie!

Miss E is growing by leaps and bounds!  At her 9 month appointment she weighed 18.5 and was 30 inches long.  She is in the 50% for weight and 95% for height. (She is 3 pounds heavier than Miss Girl and 1 inch longer at this age.  She is about 1/2 pound thinner than Mr Boy and 1 inch longer at this age!)

(Adjusted age for the twins^)

Top 9 at 9 for Lil Miss

9.  She is baptised!  Lil Miss is SO lucky to be loved by so many!  We had a beautiful service for her where Wife and I were married 4 years ago and the twins were baptised 3 years ago).  So many dear friends and family from EVERYWHERE came to the service and Grampa and Grama hosted a fun get together afterwards. Today, on her 9 month old birthday, we had her baptised at the Catholic church that we havent attended for the last 3 years. (Having been stationed elsewhere)  We were so lucky to have Nana and Poppi over to visit for the whole week!  The service today was so special thanks to so many dear friends as well as our family, welcoming Lil Miss into the Catholic faith. It was just heart warming to stand there and celebrate our daughter and look out to see so many faces who love us...truly an amazing day!

8.  Baby is crawling!  Lil Miss scoots along in the most hilarious way.  She 'swims' with her arms and pulls her body forward while pushing along with her right foot.  She never uses her left...but it gets the job done.  She can get to where she wants to go, and quick!

7.  Lil Miss pulled herself up to standing for the first time on July 21st!  Grampa and I were witness to the miracle that is a child growing up before our eyes.  I was sitting on the love seat and baby grabbed for the couch cushons and pulled herself up. It wasn't immediate, we had time to say to eachother "Are you watching this?  This will be her first time pulling up!"  It is so amazing because I can remember the exact first time both of the twins pulled to standing.

6.  Teeth!  She has had four teeth for a while now, but they just seem to be getting bigger!  And she likes to use them...on Mommy unfortunately. And Daddy, and your finger, and your shirt and your shoulder (ouch!).

5.  Eating. Ev is eating most solids. She so daintily grasps any finger foods.  She will patiently eat from a spoon until she is bored of that and wants to grab at the spoon.  Her current favorites are sweet potato, oatmeal with raspberry, hummus!, banana, and green smoothies.  The way her little face contorts when the food is cold is adorable.  

4.  Sleeping.  Naps are consistently one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  She is by no means on a schedule as strict as the twins were.  It would just be so time consuming to try to recreate that and then the kids would be stuck at home all day around a baby nap schedule...talk about recipe for disaster!  Night time sleep is ok.  She goes down typically around 8:30 and (on a good day) will sleep until 5:30/6 and wake to eat.  If Wife nurses her in bed, she will fall back asleep for a couple hours, but if I try to put her in her crib she will often stay awake.  And car sleeping is still amazing...just like the 2 before her:)

3.  Happiness!  Lil Miss is just a joy to our hearts.  She is SO happy.  She loves watching her big bro and sis do anything.  She is so content, plays well with others (besides the scratching, sorry A!), like new toys, like old toys, hangs out in her high chair.  Having the big kids really makes a difference in keeping a baby occupied.  There seems to always be something to watch and keep her interested.

2.  Lil Miss plays with her feet so sweetly.  She can clap her hands sort of wave, more like a hold her hand out to you.  She rocks her head back and forth a lot.  But now with the swim crawling, she seems to be doing that less.  She LOVES to be talked to.  SHe is at that sweet age where she wants attention and loves it when she gets it!

1.  Da da!  Wife asked Lil Miss to say "da-da" this morning while we were saying goodbye, immediately in the teeniest sweet voice, she said Da-da!  Now to start working on Mama:)....maybe.....

Love you Baby

28 June 2013

What you really need when preparing for babies, and what you dont

Having just helped several friends plan baby showers and registries, and myself having experience with what babies and twins go through, Ive decided to put it all in one place.
You will spend a lot more money getting perfectly matching gear, when chances are, nobody cares if it matches.
  When the twins were born, and when they came home from the hospital, I believe we only used one crib for the first 8mo.  The other one just sat there, and became a dumping ground for laundry.  Babies are small....they dont take up much space, and honestly, if you really cant afford anything else, your baby could even sleep in a laundry basket.
When both twins did sleep in the crib (our son had bad reflux, and usually slept in his carseat), they actually slept better being right next to each other. (Same when they were in the NICU, they shared a bed and dis much better)
And, should they start bothering each other, or moving too much, THEN you can set up another crib... Or just use the packn play!

 cute? Yes.... Necessary?  No.  But make sure you have AT LEAST 5 fitted sheets per crib.  And make sure you have a WATERPROOF MATTRESS PROTECTOR.  Babies get sick, and they either puke, or overload their diaper.  When that happens, you remove the sheet, wipe down the mattress protector, and put on a new sheet.  And hope you dont have to do that too many times.

 Your baby isnt gonna be using these for the first few months.  And if you do get them ahead of time, only get one of each.  Some babies HATE these things, and last thing you want is to drop $200 on two of them, and both babies HATE them.
Find them on craigslist.  They usually range between $15-$50.
Save that money, you'll need it sooner or later

While these might seem like a "NEED", with two babies, these can actually become a hazard.
There will be that one time you put one kid on it, the other kid does something behind you, and you get distracted.  And next thing you know, your kid falls, or almost falls.
We opted for floor-changings.  Or even changing them as they still lay in their crib.
If they are a messy one, just slip a blanket or towel under them.
We have NEVER needed a changing table, and most of my Twin Parent friends have concurred on that stance.

We are just *now* starting to use one with our 8mo.
Babies should be exclusively boob/bottle for first 4-6 mo anyway.
And with our twins, we found it to be waaaay less messy to feed them at floor level.
Bumbo seats have trays that attach to them, shoot, even strollers have trays.
But Bumbos or free-sitting are the most sanitary methods of feeding a baby, because it is easiest to clean up.  High chairs have a lot of nooks and crannies that hide food, that spoils and germinates bacteria.

With our twins, we tended to take them to the store (or a friends house) and if we found something that caught their eyes, or that they enjoyed, THEN we would purchase it.  All babies have different personalities, and that means they like different things.  My son is on the Autism Spectrum: he likes toys with different textures, and he DOES NOT like loud/noisy toys.  My daughter likes puzzle toys, and animal toys.
This one is also something to remember for their first Christmas (or gift holiday)
Babies dont need a lot of things, so maybe consider savings bonds, college investments, and then a couple toys, and some clothes.  Instead of filling your entire living room with toys.

SIDENOTE: buy quality toys.  Babies and toddlers break things!  And by buying them quality toys, it also means you dont have to buy as many....or listen to a screaming child when $5 Elmo's head falls off.


When getting baby clothes, Craigslist/garage sales, family and friends who recently had babies, and the Thrift store ARE YOUR FRIENDS!
Remember all those NB-6mo clothes are ONLY GOING TO LAST 6mo!
And chances are, you will not be going to many fancy places during that time.
Onesies and bodysuits will be your best friends.  But they can cost $5-$30 at the store.  EACH!
Your baby may go through 2-10 outfits in a day!  If you averaged $10/outfit. Thats $20-$100 of clothes PER DAY!  You can get great quality, gently-used/new baby clothes for between $.25-$5 an outfit at yard sales, Craigslist, and Thrift stores.
Im not saying "dont buy your kid new clothes", Im just saying that if you shop wisely, you can get a couple nice outfits for special occasions, and still be able to cloth your child for the next 5yrs.
Nothing worse than only having NB-3mo clothing, and your 2mo old baby has a freaking growth spirt, and can now wear 6-9mo clothing!
Winter clothes are expensive.  Buying winter suits/jackets in spring or summer can save you some big money.  And if you arent sure what size your kid will be wearing, you can go a size up, and it shouldnt be too bad.

Please dont put a bikini on your infant.... It just looks wrong.
If you are going to the Pool, Beach, Waterpark, or backyard sprinkler with your baby:
HAT, HAT, HAT, HAT, HAT!  A Baby sunhat is a GREAT investment, and will help them stay cool, keep their head from getting burnt, and protect their eyes.
Also: Sunshirts!  Cover up baby as much as possible, to keep them safe from the sun's rays.  Babies have more trouble regulating their body temperature, and can dehydrate easily.  So, sunburns could be lethal.

Just get a whole bunch of one color....you will be losing a lot of socks.

These are GREAT time keepers.  Dont forget to use them.  Take lots of photos of them, and try to write little blurbs about each big milestone.  These will be priceless treasures when they get older.  And its a teary reminder, for you, of how cute and wordless that hormonal teenager once was.
We have a Baby Book for each kid, and they each go in a box, where we keep all those important keepsakes for each kid (school certificates, first dental sticker, first tooth brush, take-home outfits, etc)
I lost my first daughter (She would have turned 12 this weekend), and having her Baby Box means more to me than I could have ever imagined.

Whether you breast feed or bottle feed, have a couple bottles in the house, at least.
Our kids were all breastfed, but our son couldnt tolerate anything but breastmilk, and when they started growing, we ended up having to supplement my daughter's share with formula.  On top of that, my wife pumped.  It started out because the twins were in the NICU and had to be fed through tubes, but it ended up being a life saver:
Pumping means that dad or caregiver can help feed the babies.
Twins will wake up at different times, be hungry at different times, and need things at different times.
If you have to feed the babies every 2-3 hours, and it takes 15min-1hr to feed a baby, you will never sleep.  My wife pumped, and was therefore able to get 4-6hrs straight of sleep, while me, MIL, or my mom (whoever was visiting at the time) could feed them during the night.
Its also a great bonding experience for fathers to be able to feed their baby, too.

And a few important tips:

It is important that your baby get plenty of SUPERVISED tummy time.  It strengthens their core!  My friend's 2mo girl can almost sit up, unassisted (for short spurts of time)

Yes, with preemies this can be important.  But for the most part, if you are going to sterilize everything, do it once a week, or every two weeks.
We use glass bottles for our babies, so we boiled the bottles initially (theyd been in storage....same bottles my parents used on their kids), and that was that.
Babies will stick dirty things in their mouths, NO MATTER WHAT!
And eating dirt builds an immune system!

Im not going to argue this one with you, except to say that the "study" claiming vaccines cause Autism were proven false.  If you are not convinced of that:
JUST REMEMBER: would you rather have your baby have Autism, or DIE from a completely preventable disease?