24 January 2012

The Lunchtime Review

A quick review of some of the meals we have eaten in the last week:
cotton candy....this was actually from the deployment ceremony....good, even if it was green apple
Cookie: Serving size: 1
Taste: Delicious
Texture: a little tough

Cristal Water: Amazing
Serving Size: Amazing
Taste: Amazing
Best bottled water in Afghanistan

Cabbage: Gross
Reportedly: "delicious....but not as good as my daddy's" (SPC BS)

Pepsi: Good
Serving Size: 300mL
Taste: Slightly more cola-ish than American Pepsi

Hardboiled Egg: Smushed
Serving Size: 2
Actual # Acquired: 1
# of Accidents occurring with Egg: 1

Maggi Juice: God's gift to man
Serving Size: however much sodium your heart can handle
Application: Hardboiled egg
Tastes: delicious
You: must try it at least once in your life
(similar to soy sauce, but completely different)

Cheeseburger and fries: Great
Serving Size: ^that^
Taste: Amazing.  Fries salted just right and crispy.  Burger juicy.
Last burger I ate in the US.

Stuff: possibly butter and margarine.
Taste: only had one, but was really good.

Water: Bonaqua, Coca Cola (If I remember right)
Source: A Soviet country
Taste: Good, crisp

Pasta, Bread, Mashed Taters, Mac n Cheese: =D
Pasta: Tasty
Mashed Taters: creamy, hot, perfectly seasoned
Bread: little dry, but good quality
Mac n Cheese: A-Mazing!
Mashed Taters and Mac n Cheese together: Orgasm of the mouth

Strawberry yogurt: Good
Consistency: different.  Idk what is different, but it is just different than US yogurt
Taste: sweet, tasty, but not the best I've ever had.

Chocolate swirl cheesecake: Frozen
Solution: eat cake with knife and spoon....DONT JUDGE ME!
Effect: folks got a good laugh
Secondary Effect: I was able to eat my cheesecake
Consistency: creamy, smooth
Taste: Amazingly delicious!
Rating: Cheesecake Factory level!

Water: don't remember which brand this was
Background: treated water
Effect: slight mineral taste
Decision: I'll drink it, some people were like "no, its gross"

Roast Beef (remnants seen on left of lower plate section): Good
Serving Size: 4oz
Texture: good
Taste: pretty good
Condiments added: HP sauce (kinda like A1)
Overall rating: pretty decent!

Cheese Ravioli (top left, gross looking): ehh
Texture: overcooked
Sauce: too strong
Taste: not really very good
Overall rating: The Ravioli on the plane was better

Mashed Taters (since its a different DFAC) with brown gravy: good
Texture: smooth, creamy
Taste: pretty good
Overall Rating: not as good as the ones above, but WAY better than the ones yesterday

Salad: lettuce, tomato, grated egg, croutons, Creamy Ranch
Taste: good, tomatoes were actually salad worthy today
Texture: crispy, crunchy :)
Rating: great!

Vanilla Softserved: good
Texture: good, was a little melty
Taste: a tad sweet (the theme for dairy here), but good vanilla taste

Vanilla pudding: GROSS
Texture: like gelatinous pudding 
Taste/Overall Rating: Was spit out by two people immediately

Pound Cake: mmmmm
Serving size: 1
My consumption: 1.5 (gave .5 to SPC BS for taste test)
Texture: moist
Taste: perfect blend of sugar and cinnamon, and the frosting was perfect, not overwhelming
Overall Rating: great!

Personal Pizza Half: sausage and pepperoni (pepperoni pictured above)
Taste: delicious
Reason for only small crust in the picture: Rest was eaten
Reason small crust left over: tad burnt


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