10 January 2012

My GIVEAWAY prelude (overview)

Okay...so I've decided, depending on my schedule, I will try to be doing giveaways every month (ish) while I'm downrange.  Nothing has been set in stone, except that I would be finding the prizes at the Bazaar in Afghanistan.  The prizes would have about a $20 limit (which goes A LOT further over there) since I'd still have to ship the suckers.  This contest will help the Afghani economy (most merchants support their families on an income of approximately $423 a YEAR!) and get you some pretty interesting things.  Here are some pictures of the Bazaar, and then at the bottom of the page I will explain what ideas/rules I have so far (subject to change)

I want a helmet^^

 A good example of value is the giant vases up there^  I've been told you can buy them at the Bazaar for $80, or at the PX for about $200.  Who knows how much they'd go for, state-side
I also want a mort and pestle!  I have 2 marble ones already....

 I TOTALLY want one of those giraffes!  I'd probably have to buy the small one though...

So...Rules so far:
My contest will be something like scavenger hunt-ish or creativeness.  It will most likely (159% possiblity) be a photo contest.  And to help guard against cheating, I would require something random (say a neon postit note) in the picture.  Cheating off of google takes away the fun.  The Challenges could range from something simple like finding a squirrel/bunny, to crazy stuff, like building a pyramid out of cups, or costume contest.
I will keep geography and economy in mind when picking the challenges (not tell you to go to the beach and build a sand castle.....or make a picture using caviar), but some people may not be able to participate in every single event.
And, once you win one, unless otherwise stated, you may not win again (but feel free to participate!).
Some months may even have multiple prizes, depending on how my haggling goes.

I will do my best to Post a picture of the prize when I post that month's challenge, but I'll see how it goes.
Most prizes will probably be small-ish, to fit in a standard size cardboard box.
REMEMBER: I WILL BE IN A WARZONE, so things may not always fit in a perfect timeline.  And my work schedule will determine my availability to post/answer questions/judge/ship prizes.
But, if I promise you a prize, I will work damn hard to make sure you get it!

JUDGING:  all entries will either be posted to my wall or emailed to me (haven't decided yet) and I will place all pictures in an album for that month.  Two part judging system!  The album will be public (the first picture should be the prize, followed by all the entries) and everyone can vote by "like"s, and also comment on them. You can like as many of them as you want!  I may/may not take the public opinion into consideration, depending on how highly I value opinions at the time. (:P)  Ultimately, it is up to me.....so getting your entire FB friendlist to "like" your entry may not win it for you.
Also: In order to win, you MUST "like" my page.....just cause

If an entry pisses me off, I can exclude it.
And if you are a butt-sore competitor, I can ban you.

If the winner, personally, does not want their name announced, that is their prerogative.
Honestly, if a kid enters/wins this thing: you parents must not monitor your internet too closely, but whatev....
If your kids want to partake in this competition, at least make sure they have permission...and if they win, don't steal their prize from them!

Meaning: If I do a costume contest, and your kid is the subject in the photo.....SHARE!  Santa is watching you, Parents!

No hatefulness, douche baggery, or such allowed.

I may also do some prizes to be awarded among the folks who participated in a certain number of events (like if you participated in 6 or more).  At the end of everything, I'd put all the names who meet that requirement into a hat, and pick a few out.

I am usually a generous person, so keep your chin up!

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  1. Sounds like fun. There sure is a lot of intresting and veautiful things in the bazaar.


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