08 January 2012

Baby Sister

My baby sister.

Exactly 8 years younger than me!  Yup....to the day.  Though one of us was a morning baby, one of us was an evening baby.
There is also the fact that we only have the same mother....and that she walked out on me and my dad when my brother was barely 2 months old, whereas she stayed in my sister's life til she was arrested and sent to prison.
My sister and I met about a decade ago, after discovering my existence, and tracking me down.
We have been close ever since.  She is even as smart as me, and graduated high school early, deciding to follow in my footsteps.  She then joined the Army, at 17, because she wanted to get away....and she saw what I had done as the perfect opportunity.   And she, too, became a medic:

Shes the one with the projectile sticking out of her back

Because she had done some volunteer stuff with her father, who works for the government, she actually got a pretty badass assignment!  After her deployment to Iraq, which turned into Afghanistan, which turned into being sent to Africa, she now works in Egypt.  Medic to the big wig person who works there on relations.
She wears civilian clothes, consults with foreign agencies, teaches courses, and goes to school.
She lives in Egypt (^her view from her apartment)
And gets to travel to amazing places!

Ethiopia, on humanitarian/supply visit

Cairns, Aus

NZ, I think

And a very cold place.

She is an amazing sister, aunt, and soldier.  She is one of the youngest SSGs in the medic corp.
She has gotten her college education, at work, and continues to expand her military portfolio.

She can kick my ass, and most peoples, as she is level 3 combatives certified (wants to become level 4, top level), practices MMA, and she has adopted the shooting range as her second home:
She even gets involved in politics on occasion:
before she cut her hair

She, like me, lets life play out by the week, and doesn't know what she wants to do in this world.
She is a bisexual American soldier, who speaks 2 dialects of Arabic, and wants to change the world.  She cares about everyone and anyone, and will protect her family and friends with her life.
Shes an avid cat lover, too.
She jokes about ruling the world someday, and says she will dress like this:
Notice the kitty^

So, by now you should have figured out: eccentricity runs in my family.

My family has no blood relationship to my sister (I am adopted), but they have all been exceptionally welcoming of my biological sister, which I am thankful for.  She has a strained relationship with her family, so any holiday she can get away from work, she comes to visit us and the kids, or visits my parent's farm:
My parents love having her around!  (and yes, that is pink hair.....a perk of her job!)

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