10 January 2012

My education

I was just thinking about this, after posting "marriage is a school you never graduate from"....

I graduated secondary school at 15.  I went to a boarding school from 9-15 (my choice) and was able to test out of some classes and double up on others.
In case you don't know: I am medically classified as a genius.  My IQ is something like 160.
Now, something you should understand: IQ DONT MEAN SH*T!
I suck, ENORMOUSLY, at advanced level math and science (more specifically: Calculus and Chemistry).  I can do the experiments in Chemistry, but I can not translate it to/on paper.
Calculus is like a foreign language to me.
Now, give me Algebra, and I am happy like a pig in feces!

My inability to get a decent grade in college Chemistry (took it twice, after failing it the first time), even with 2 tutors, is the reason I didn't go to medical school.
I figured law school would be a fun experience.
I did well....especially on the practicals (I love arguing).....but never really liked doing that stuff.
In the middle of law school, I took a sabbatical, joined the Army as a medic, and hippity-hopped off to Iraq.  Worked on my schooling a bit, while over there.  Finished school when I got back.  Passed the Bar, even (no clue how I managed that)
Went to work in a corporate office reading really, really boring contracts and such.
Then I decided that I wanted to go back to school (give me something to do at work that was a tad interesting), cause who doesn't wanna be paid to take classes?
Got a something-or-other in Business Administration......about the same time I decided I hated my job (they were about to downsize my section, and fire two of my people, anyway....so I saved those jobs), and finally let the Army man-handle me like its little b*tch.
Working legal in the military was a little interesting.....but made me realize what a waste of an education.
I HATE LAWYERS/LAWYERING/LEGAL BULLSHIT (except my wife....cause shes a lawyer)

My education is pretty much useless, now.  Except what I learned in kindergarten.....and 7th year.

Not saying everyones education is useless..... just mine.

I personally can't stay in a career I hate.  And law brings me absolutely no pleasure.
Now, Wife LOVES being a lawyer, and I can totally support that.

10 years of schooling....down the drain.  what a FAIL.
Hopefully the Army doesn't downsize me after deployment....or else I'ma go be a stay-at-home dad (my second choice career, since wife wanted to stay at home first)

I think I have learned more, and valued more of my education, that I learned through life.
When I went into foster care and ended up with my now-parents, they lived (still do) on a small farm in the middle of the country.  Its wasn't more than a few acres, easily manageable for one or two people, since my parents both had regular jobs. (my mom's a teacher, and my dad does government work).
I grew up milking the 2 cows, grooming the 5 horses, and helping tend the vegetables and such.  And I've since learned that that is the type of stuff I love to do.  My current job, with my staff, allows me to do hands-on things, including patient care, teaching classes, and developing training.  I can't wait till I can do that, back home, and continue with my own garden (much smaller than my parents).  I need to be involved in stuff.  I suffocate sitting behind a desk.
My garden, 3 or so years ago:







Acapulco Sunset Rose

Some of the 3000+ tomatoes we picked

I am slightly intoxicated, and therefore cannot be liable for anything in the post you wanna bitch about.
Excuse the ADDness of this... I am ADHD....and drinking....an writing.....and packing all at once.
I'm a flippin genius at multitasking


  1. oh, and some of the dates are ****ed up.... I'm a lazy photographer....sue me

  2. you, sir, are an impressive man

  3. impressive would be using my education!


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