04 January 2012


One of the stupidest inventions ever.... And still, probably invented by a guy, who lived in the time when women were "property".....someone should have warned him about the coup!!!!

Anywho, my point is that there are some chores I just won't/can't do....
According to my wife, I suck at putting laundry away.... Well, duh! I wear the same two outfits each day, five to six days a week. Why would I make my mornings more difficult by putting my PT uniforms and ACUs in drawers (plural, because they *must* be separated by article of clothing type.)
I like to use the trunk at the foot of my bed... Four piles of clean clothes will fit, with a little space for socks and underwear right in the middle!
I am only allowed to wash and fold laundry now. I do that, and wife puts it all away, which works for me!

Now, to the bed. No offense to all the societary (new word) conformists, but I REFUSE to make my bed. The best you'll get out of me is the comforter half-assedly tossed toward the pillows. My wife and I have a long-standing hold out, because she said I have to make the bed, and I don't. And so, she wont do it either.... Even though I know it bugs her not to do it.
It's a useless chore!

Dinner (or any meal, really, that isn't a holiday meal). Is never served in designated serving dishes. And unless you are younger than 5, it isn't served for you. The pot dinner was made in is what it's put on the table in. Its not laziness, per say, it's water and energy conservation! I swear!

Also, I don't like vacuuming, but if wife isn't around to do it, I will. Having two floor-dwelling toddlers demands clean floors. But I much prefer mopping. I actually like mopping, I find it therapeutic. Must be because I've done so much of it in my military career....

Most chores I don't mind doing, if I've got someone to do them with. It's always more pleasant to do something when you have someone to chat with and make the time fly by, even if it's something as small as unloading the dishwasher.


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