14 January 2012

Sexus Interruptus

I don't know about you, but having kids, and a job, and friends, and relatives can be very trying on a sex life!
Everyone knows we are working on another kid (and fitting a year of sex into 1 month) yet they insist, INSIST, on calling, stopping by, or otherwise interrupting us at the most inopportune times!  I mean really!!!!  Think to yourself "Hmm, he got off at noon today, and hasn't posted his activities, he might be spending 'quality' time with his wife".....and, instead, call me at like 23:00hrs!  That is way more convenient.....just saying....

Then again, this has been an issue for a while.....and its a lot trickier with a house full of kids/people....
Some of our favorite interruptions....that need to be dealt with very timely (therefore putting an end to any and all fun):
"pee pee"
"poo boo"
"we have a recall formation in 30min, full uniform"
"fire alarms are going off at the barracks, we need full accountability in 30min"
"Staff meeting in 30min"
"We need you to/to do.............ASAP"
"Sir, what happened was...."
"Sir, ..........probably needs to go to the hospital....."
"Sir, I'm at the ED......"
"I think I'm going to be sick"
asthma attacks
package deliveries
oven timer going off
smoke alarm going off
shooting pain from the knee
shooting pain from the arm
a surprise sneeze
loud thuds
loud crashes
loud thumps
braxton hicks (from way long ago, like 2.5 years)
Someone walking in

And all these are Certified first hand experiences.....and I wish I was kidding.  Some of these are 2x, some 3x, and one or two 4x+.
Any other activity would have been given up on long ago, with this many interruptions!!!!

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