10 February 2012

Photo Essay: Road to War

Our snowman in Maine....our hands never forgave us for the lack of gloves

Gotta LOVE medics..... not even the "worst" one we saw!

 So easily entertained! Waiting at the airport...
 Sunrise over Germany
 My windmills!
 Germany is kinda like Newark....
 The "cage"
 The views on the road here are breath-taking

 A rolled-over jingle truck
 A gorgeous view of the mountains, from the turret

Colorful doors

 Lovely welcoming sign!
 ...not-so-lovely, less-than-welcoming sign....
Gas station

I liked how they looked

Gummi bears....an important part of any diet!

The closes thing I've found to a garden....

not even worth it without the alcohol...

(and how to pack them)

This is how a female pees on a convoy


My McGyver skills!

What we stayed in on mission (did find a second mattress...) similar to my actual room

VIM: Very Important Mouse!
I promised someone I'd show this mouse the world.

Me and the Mouse, chilling in the turret

LOVE this flavor!

Hoggin my glove

how the mattresses were held up at one place

See the excitement?


Memorial....it was breath-taking

How to pour lots of shots at once!

blue skies!

I got attacked by hail!!!! ^look at that thing!!!!! :O

Black out time

Next patient, please!!!

My pretty picture!

Dessert last night, at TGIFs, for a medic's birthday!

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  1. I love the "You sent my daddy to Afghanistan? You bastards!" I'll have to share this with friends and family who have been over there.


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