28 February 2012

Old written piece....

I wrote this some years ago, and just found it cause a couple of my friends have it on their profiles.  I was totally surprised by that, but its cool that they still read my words, so many years later....

sometimes you just need to break free of the mold that is your life and take a  few chances. go sky diving, ride an elephant, just try something you've never done before. get off the wagon and make sure that you've lived a little before you hop back on and acheive the "american dream". because i'm sure every kid wants to grow up to be middle-aged, with kids who hate you enough to screw up their lives just to get back at you. no kid wants to grow up to the reality of mortgages, debts, and cheating spouses. to have their kids go out and do drugs, have sex, and break the law, even if you did it too. before that happens to you, take a chance, do something unexpected. drive to california just to watch the sun set on the pacifc ocean, go to the toy store and buy that action figure you asked santa for when you were ten, but never got; deep down you still want to try it out, don't worry, i won't tell your friends. its your last stand, your last youthful indulgence before you are sucked into the vortex of modern life, where the objective is to finish everything as quick as possible. please, enjoy one last snowcone from the ice-cream-man before the "real world" destroys you, chewing up your dreams and spitting them in your face. only 16 out of every 10,000 athletes goes professional; it takes 10 years to become an astronaut (and even then you only have a 1 in 350 chance of ever flying), oh and being the president, king, or queen means living in constant fear for your life, a life where people you dont even know hate you for no specific reason; the little princesses of the world don't live happily ever after, look at england's rose-princess diana. 

what do you say to taking chances?

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