15 February 2012

Caring husband (By Wife)

So, my husband left me to compose his blog tonight, stating that it hadn't been done in a few days and 'demanded' my attention.
So I feel the kids should be the focus of this episode.  It may surprise you all to know this, but he talks about the kids all the time in real life.  I'm sure his friends and coworkers are tired of hearing all the 'funny' stories he gets from our daily skypes, but it is very true that he will speak on the subject anytime he can!
He is a very caring and compassionate person, husband, and father.
With our son having his assorted medical issues, he is usually our starting point.  He actually has a Physical Therapy appointment today, to chart his progress with his Cerebral Palsy.  And the first thing after our 'good mornings' was "how is little man doing, is he in a good mood for his appointment?"  I don't even think its possible for this boy to not be in a good mood!  He is an amazing little man, and a ball of joy and fun!  He lights up when he gets to talk to his daddy, and I'm pretty sure it is the highlight of his day.  No sooner had E asked that question, Little man came stumbling around the corner, having heard Daddy's voice, with a big goofy smile on his face, and milk dripping down his chin, from breakfast.
E also makes sure Little man is doing well with being back in cold weather.  Little man's asthma was acting up a little bit last week, but he has adjusted amazingly to winter weather, and we are fortunate for his health.  E knows that, and doesn't take anything for granted.  He even wants to schedule an appointment with the cardiologist Little man saw in the NICU, just to make sure all is still well.
Its almost more stressful with his stressing, when hes thousands of kilometers away!  But that is what I love about him.
Next, he'll ask about M, and how shes doing with school and her senior projects.  She is currently stressing about a psychology project, and ended up skipping first period to tweak it a tad bit.  The second semester, her final semester of high school, is proving to be a challenge.  She is staying up late most nights to finish her work, but enjoys most of her 10 classes, shes not a fan of government class.  I can't blame her for that one.  She has taken forms of the class for France and England in her schooling, and is probably sick of learning about so many governments!  She will not be following in my footsteps with corporate legal, lol.  Being a Brit, I was fortunate enough to get on the team the dealt with US-UK commerce (the two countries I know).
M is too creative for that crap anyway!  Only one stuff lawyer per family unit!
M also has sports going on, so some days we don't even see her until supper time!

E loves to save Sissy for after the other two.  She is his little constant, and his comfort in the constant changes we are experiencing.  She doesn't quite understand the concept of skype, and video chatting, which makes him a little sad that she doesn't yet like to interact, but she is catching on.  She is very shy with the skyping, which is totally opposite of her normal demeanor.  She is the healthy child, who isnt in school.  Its a tad unfortunate to admit, but she is usually being dragged along to Little man's appointments, and M's school functions.
Fortunately, she and her brother are thick as thieves, and are always keeping each other company/entertained at appointments and school things.  We are so blessed to have an amazing set of twins, and I'm forever grateful they have each other!  Especially now.

To our last subject of the night: Baby.  He asks me a million questions related to the baby!
It is weird to even think, in my mind, about this child's existence.  We have wanted this child for so long, and after 5 losses, it scares me that we are an eggs-all-in-one-basket couple when it comes to pregnancies.  I lay in bed at night, with a hand on my nonexistent belly, feeling weird to be carrying another life inside me. Again.
Just 5 years ago, children weren't even in my life plan, and now...  Now, I am barely five and a half weeks pregnant, and unable to imagine a future without this child.  It is due 2 weeks before my husband comes home for his midtour break.  By Halloween, we will have our next child in our arms, God willing!
I was raised devout Catholic.  I don't think I ever, in my years of church, prayed as much as I do now.
For our son's health
Our daughter's future
Our younger daughter's continued happiness/health
My husband's safety
His unit/Army family's safety
Our baby
Our families...family

I don't stress about these things.  Its not good to stress over things I can not control, I just send out the best vibes I can into the world, and hope that is enough.
We live by the mantra: Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.
We are prepared for the worst,  but what is in our minds right now:
We will be celebrating our next Valentine's day with 3 little ones, happy and healthy.  And M will be loving her college experience.  And our family will all be healthy and be able to come together as we do now.
All his soldiers will be home, and well.

We are a little sappy and sentimental.  And it doesn't help that the hormones are hitting me especially hard this pregnancy!  If I'm not feeling sick, then chances are I'm a bit overemotional.  I am fortunate I have only crumbled to tears twice, over stupid things.  But I don't mind it, because the reward is worth it!

Before you go, remember that this has been written by a hormonal pregnant lass with two toddlers (so no sleep), a teenage daughter, and a husband in Afghanistan.
Also, unlike my husband, I did not focus on writing in university, so it may not make sense!


  1. Thank you for sharing so much with us. I will be keeping you and your family in my prayers everyday.

  2. I love this. You are amazing. Just so you know.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! You and your family are in my prayers. My hubby travels and is gone a day or two maybe a week at a time and i miss him terrribly. I have no idea how you and the other military families can stand it. Thank you for your sacrifice for us.


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