23 February 2012

Guess Who! -Wife

See if you can tell who is who...
One is basically completely potty trained: the other is not at all interested (although does ask for privacy when doing the deed...in the playroom!)
One warms up to new situations in about a nanosecond:  the other seems to take light years to become comfortable with new people and places.
One knows all the rules, I mean all of them.  Not saying that this child follows all the rules, but they know them inside and out: the other, I constantly question myself if this child can literally hear me when I talk to them...if they can't hear, they wouldn't know the rules right?
One literally faces plants in the sand box: the other wouldn't be caught dead dumping sand on their head.
One snores:  the other we often (still!) check to see if they are breathing when they are asleep!
One can get dressed completely on their own: the other can not put on or take off their shoes.
One plays trains for hours on end: the other requests dress up at all hours of the day.
One basically darts or turns away any time I have the camera out:  the other has a pretty perfect camera pose (whether of not they actually like getting their picture taken is another story).
One will be the last one at the table at every meal:  the other is usual saying, "I'm done" by the time E and I can sit down to dinner.
One throws huge, typical 2 year old, crying tantrums: the other says, "Mommy, I'm talking, you listen.  I will come upstairs when I am done with coloring."
One snuggles their lovey close:  the other roars like a dinosaur intermittently during conversations.
One still needs to eat meals basically naked because they are so messy;  the other drank a blueberry Jamba Juice smoothie in a white shirt today and I didn't even give them a bib.
One says, "Maybe I can't do it?" when trying new things (we are working on getting that thought out of their head!):  the other I have to physically restrain from not trying out anything and everything that they see someone else doing or that looks fun (which is everything!)
A dear friend asked me recently if I thought I had it harder raising boy/girl twins versus same sex twins.  I have no idea how same sex twins would be, just like I don't have experience with a singleton (in this day and age) or higher order multiples.  All I know if that these two keep us so busy and at the same time fill our days with immeasurable amounts of love.  I am thrilled that they are so different and each their own little person.  I can only hope that by learning (each and every minute) how to parent these two, that Number 3 won't bring any surprises...a girl can dream right;)

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