22 February 2012


 I'm gonna talk about Girl for a bit.

My Stop-and-smell-the-roses (tulips) kid.
She is the adventurer.  The one who would run out into the middle of the street if it weren't for very watchful supervision.  The one who would touch a hot pot, out of curiosity.
She is our loud, crazy ball of energy, who is always there to help, and if you don't let her, she will give you a world-class migraine, with her world-class tantrum.  She loves to get involved, and loves to help out.  She will try anything once.....except mushed carrots.
She is a giggle monster, and a lover of books.  She is the reason bedtime takes an hour, and why our children's book collection is in the hundreds.
She goes by Girl on here, but goes by ____, Little Miss, or Sissy in real life.
She dresses herself, helps her mommy do their hair, and can pour her own cereal.
Her favorite line is "I CAN DOOOO IT!"  Sometimes accompanied by a "STOP IT!!!!"
Now....if only that philosophy applied to potty training.  Yes, she is 2 years old, and still not potty trained!
But thats okay.  Shes not ready, but shes working on it.  Some days are better than others.
And she almost never #2s in her diaper/pullups anymore.
Progress is progress!

She is stubborn, like her mom (and dad).  And she is lucky enough to have her mom's gorgeous smile.
She, like her brother, also inherited both our brains.  She is an amazingly fast learner, and if it weren't for the whole coordination-of-a-2yo, she'd probably be tying her own shoes right now.
She is my tall little string bean, 100th percentile for height, 3rd-5th percentile for weight.  (After starting life at 4lbs 12oz.) Even though she'll eat anything!

Sissy is our constant.  She is likes what she likes, hates what she hates, and rarely deviates from her "ideals".
She is the farthest thing from shy (except with skype) and will ask you any question she can put to words.
She loves everybody, especially her "little" brother.  They are practically inseparable at times.
She is perfection.

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