15 April 2012

What did he ever do to you?

I seem to be constantly saying this to people.
I'm not one to say I rely on Karma, but I am not one to test forces of nature to prove existence/nonexistence to my detriment.
I am a believer in not hurting others who have not brought it upon themselves.
I have taken a life before, but I sure as hell earned the need, with two bullet wounds as permanent reminders.

Being in a war zone, I think my sense of life-preservation is warranted.  Don't need to tip the balance of "luck" to the other team.
I get crap from the guys I work with, for my believes, I've explained them, and they, on some level, understand it, but its the going out of my way that they don't always "get", or appreciate.

Earlier this week I was mopping the treatment room, when I accidentally hit a moth with the mop, and it got stuck on the wet floor.  It wasn't broken or dying, it was just stuck.    Two people told me to just kill it (not bug fans).  "Why?"  If anything, it was my fault it was in its current state.

I grabbed some paper, and walked on the wet floors to collect him.  I gently scooped him up, and brought him outside, finding him a spot where he wouldn't get trampled or squashed as he dried out.

A few weeks ago, we were in the supply tent, doing inventory.
This little beetle-looking bug kept freaking crawling at my AO.  I accidentally hit him with one of the tourniquets I was pouring out, before I noticed he was there.  I think I broke off one of his legs. :(
I'm not a fan of bugs, in the least bit, but I got him on my notebook, and found a spot outside to set him free.

Getting ready for deployment, we were getting rid of a bunch of expired meds, a lot of vials.
I found a Daddy Long-Leg in the box, and took him out so he wouldn't get squished as we moved stuff around.
I put him under the desk, thinking he'd be safe.
He crawled back out, just as SPC EK dropped one of the vials off the desk.
DLL didn't get hit by the vial, but he took shrapnel, and died about 10 seconds later.  I felt really bad.... I should have taken him outside, or to the back room.

I am a big believer in not harming those who haven't harmed you (black widows, wolfe spiders and such are all excluded from the humane-treatment clause).  I am a big believer in not letting others (humans, animals, bugs) suffer.  Yes, I grew up on a farm, and hunted.  Still do on occasion.  But if I shoot an animal, I go for the quick and least painful shot.  I do my best to not create suffering.
And I hope by doing so, I will be rewarded a painless death, in the distant future, of course.

Folks question my handling of the subject.  Yes, it does usually take time out of my time to save something....
but those creatures have never done me harm, why would I do them harm for innocent coexistence in the same space?  It is not their fault I am bigger than they are, and stronger than they are.

 With great strength comes great responsibility

Not abusing that power against defenseless creatures is part of the deal.  And that is what separates the devils and saints of the world.
We as a population already have a superiority complex, and no one really needs me to feed into it as most others already do.
I will take my humanity and swim against the current.  It may not be the easy way, but it is the moral thing to do.

And as I tell those who question me: "Would you rather have someone who values life treat you, or someone who doesn't flinch at taking a life?"
Because all life, big or small, is important to respect, and honor.

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