26 April 2012

A Good Week

I wanted to take the time to congratulate my soldiers, and the other soldiers in the unit, on a job well done.
They have all earned their combat patches, and today's ceremony was befitting of the event.
I also want to thank the Colonel for taking the time to patch the medics who were covering the ceremony, and could not be in the formation.  It meant a lot to them that he took that time to give a first-time deployer their proud moment, as well as the other medics who were on tasking.

I also appreciate the recognition, by or mission Colonel, in that I was unaware I was being requested, by name, for missions.  It is those moments that make our lives a little better.

And, also being able to teach the new medics has been a rewarding experience.  We have some new NG medics, who don't work medical in their civilian jobs, and we have had the pleasure of taking under our wings.  Not only is it nice to have a little more testosterone in the AS, its great that they are ready and eager to learn anything we have to teach.

I want to show my appreciation for making my birthday dinner a Section (and anyone else who wants to attend) event.  It will be one of the last times a majority of us are together, as I leave for a long mission the day after.  Another year older, another year wiser, I hope...

I would also like to thank SSG P for inviting me to help mentor young soldiers, in preparation for the Board.  We now have several medics hoping to attain their Promotable, "P-status" in the next several months.  Having been an NCO, albeit a young one (CPL), I only hope I can give them the knowledge and reassurance they need for a confident presentation.


  1. Congrats to all! Sounds like a great & honorable group. Kudos to you for being the requested rockstar! Happy (early?) Birthday, as well!! :)

  2. Congrats to you and all your guys. Happy Birthday!


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