30 April 2012

The Proposal.....3 years later

My wife and I have a longtime friendly game of oneupmanship going on.  Ever since we were starting out as friends.
She got us tickets for a local play> I fly her halfway across the country to see one of her favorite artists (Billy Joel) in concert. Of course, that was back when we were both making 6 figures a year, and could afford to do thing like that, lol!
She used to attend a LOT of large events for work, to the point where she had a spending allowance for dresses and shit...  I'd go with her sometimes, and ended up acquiring myself a tuxedo (yay!)
She'd always give me crap, cause I was the only guy she knew that loved any excuse to dress up and look sharp. (Hey, can't fight it if you look damn good in a tux!)
Anywho....back to the oneupmanship!
We had known each other a year by the time we started dating in Feb 2009.  And by April, I was buying the ring.  That was right before a little birdie (aka my awesome next door neighbor) let it slip that Wife was planning a surprise party for me.  Using my own people and apartment against me.....clever girl.....
I milked the guilty traitor for all the information she had, and told her not to tell Wife that I knew.

Then I started my scheming!
"Hmm....got this ring already....and I would *definitely* remember the date if it was on my birthday!"

Things went off without a hitch! *success...*fist-pump**

Wife, the ever coordinated event planner, had her schedule in motion, we went out for lunch that day, did some shopping, and were going back to my place for "dinner"

:O "A party?  For me????"  :O  :D

*unsuspecting Wife*

When Wife told me it was about time to open presents (YAY!!!!!....my favorite part, aside from cake!  ....don't judge me!)
I told her I needed to use the latrine right quick, and went off to change.  Roommate and Neighbor were, at this point, both in on it, and Roommate was videotaping "the party"
They kept Wife occupied while I changed (since it takes slightly more than 2 minutes to change into a tux!)

Then some sappy stuff happened, and now we are married....



  1. Really?! "Then some sappy stuff happened...."?! Wth kinda ending is *that?! Lol

  2. Awwww!!!! That's cute!!!! Happy Anniversary/Birthday/Awesomeness in your life day!!! :D


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