08 April 2012


Today has been a good day here in Afghanistan *knocks on wood*
Mild weather, good missions, and everyone is relatively uninjured (just some cuts, bruises, and missing fingernails).
I got back late last night, and went to work on my eggs.  I spent a lot of the time also chatting with Wife, and it was nice to have that opportunity, since our schedules usually conflict this past month, and we've only been getting short phone calls and mini skype sessions.
Decorated all my eggs (will post some pictures) and had some quiet time with Wife, since my roommate is out of town.  We talked about my mission last night, and how we were literally 100m from the base of the mountains visible from KAF.  They pointed out an area nearby which is notorious for being where rockets are fired at KAF from.  It was an amazing view of the mountains, and of the land stretching across the horizon, lit up by lights in the dark hour.
Also talked about the judgement that was passed on my soldiers, and how fortunate we all are.
We talked about the kids: Teenager is busy with her Varsity Soccer team, and finishing up her senior projects.  She and Wife leave on the 10th (shes on spring break) for her college orientation from the 10th-14th.  Then they are going to meet up with some of Wife's college buddies up in DC, for the 14th through the 15th, which Wife is looking forward to, and Teenager is looking forward to seeing my cousins up there.
Twins will be hanging with Nana and their uncles for the week, which they are excited about.  BIL1 is light on his teaching schedule, and BIL2 is on spring break as well.
Morning is just starting for you folks back in the US.
Wife got the twins up, out of bed, and dressed in time for church.  In fact, she even had time to take a couple of pics with the Easter baskets my parents sent.
Teenager had a late night last night, and so she decided not to go to church, but promised to wake up and help BIL2 hide all the Easter eggs.  The twins have 5 friends coming over after church (their deployment play group) to help them hunt down all the eggs.  BIL1 and Nana are making Easter brunch for the parents (3 moms, 2 dads are accompanying the kiddos), so that everyone can enjoy a nice "family" Easter.

At work, we were cleaning for most of the day.  I brought a 3lb bag of Hershey/Reeces Easter candy.  I made eggs with our unit patch for the Commander and SGM, made a Passover egg for our Jewish NCO, and brought in the rest of the eggs for everyone.  Also brought in a cinnamon streussel cake from my mission, and one of my soldiers brought in a chocolate cappuccino cake (what evilness....tainting chocolate!!!)
When were were done with patient care, we finally sat, relaxed, and enjoyed our treats!  It was nice, as our section is finally mending the wounds that had torn us apart.  We ended up all leaving the office like 2 hours late.
My soldier just asked if we all wanted to go to dinner, so I'm going to wrap it up.  The stress is finally starting to lift, and it is nice to all be able to hang out together and eat meals together again.  This is what deployment is about.  With being away from our families, it is amazing when we are able to pull together as a surrogate family, and make the holidays a great experience for each other, even when we can't be with our families.
Hope you all are enjoying the day with family and/or friends.  It is important to celebrate the relationships you've cultivated, and the people you get to spend time with!

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  1. This post makes smile :D So glad to "hear" about the warmth & unity you are able to find in the situation you're in, so far from home. Yay for that! :)


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