03 March 2012

Of course I'm weird


I figure I should add a few things that y'all may or may not already know about me. Things that make me weird.

I don't like mayo

I don't like fish

I like the taste of shrimp, but can't eat them..... They look creepy!!!

I can't walk barefoot anyplace that isn't my house or the beach....

I only wear champion brand socks....no particular reason, just cause.

I am a sockaholic

I forget to clean my belly button

I am not a fan of technology, and think people rely on it way to much.

I have been an insomniac for ten years... And most people think its because of my first deployment, when its actually from losing my daughter.

I don't like crowds

I don't like loud music (unless I'm at a concert)

I don't like strobe lights and fog machines

I don't like any combination of the above three things

I hate mouthwash

I hate anything that makes cinnamon a burning hot flavor

I think Patron is for overpriced hookers and wannabe gangsters

I am a cuddler

I don't like showering when I am the only person in the house

If I am the only person home, dark rooms have their doors closed, and everything else is lit up.

I don't like having my eyes closed when other people are around me

I refuse to wear Nike, except for a pair of shorts and a jacket that were given to me from a friend who passed away

I don't like needles

I would rather give myself an IV than let someone I don't know give me one....

People don't realize what a mess I am inside, because I've become so good at hiding it over the years

If I don't know where it came from, I wont eat it

I won't eat a burger I didn't make at home

I'm not allowed to take ambien anymore because I overdosed on it once, and it still didn't work (no reaction at all)

I am allergic to chocolate, but love it.

I prefer kids to adults because adults take life too seriously

I don't like sleeping bags

My toes and fingers get claustrophobic

I don't like talking on the phone, and would rather take the ten minute walk to someone's office than call them

I can't eat anything slimy

I can't lean on my elbows, or my arms fall asleep

When eating in public places, I cannot be surrounded by people on all sides

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