25 March 2012

The good times of deployment

 I've been talking about a lot of the BS going on at work, lately.  I wanted to make this blog post about some of the good times we have been having, here in Afghanistan.  Its not all bad in this place, and I don't want the bad to keep overshadowing the good:
Our view of the mountains flying in.... This truly is a beautiful country.
Playing ninjas!
Messing around with one of the S shops
We have fun!

And tackle people!

At my soldier's promotion..... YAY silly string!!!!
(This was the BN conference room...and there was a BigWig meeting about 30min after this picture was taken, lol)

A breathtaking sight....and some sheep

We keep things light and fun on convoys

Hanging out, with the Terp, waiting for SP.

Sunsets are gorgeous here....

Putting on the gunners harness is always a fun time!

My medic's truck

I helped load the 240..... Cause officers aren't *that* incompetent!

Signs and buildings are very colorful here

Just playing in the dirt, at the FOB

A baby jingle truck
Some FOBs just like to have fields of dirt laying around....

YAY for camping!  It wasn't so bad...until about 3am, when it got really cold....

I was soooo going to steal this thing...but then the owners reappeared :(

Not going to give you the story behind this one....... still LMAO.....

The CO looking at part of our "Just Married" sign on the back of one of the trucks, lol!

He was using his belt as "balance"........right.......

Ben and Jerrys ice cream, delicious fries, and ehhh burger, delicious tenders!

The CSM was even hanging out with us!
He was "upset" about not having A/C....

.....so he made himself feel better, LOL!

We had a BBQ when we got back, the next day!  Steak and burgers!!!! ......and lobster tail.... bleh

And then, today, someone broke the truck.... so my boss "blamed" the NCO...and they both pushed, lol!
All the Specialists got a good laugh out of  it! :)
And my Velveeta mac and cheese is empty....but the trashcan is behind them!

Just know.... even if I seem to be focusing on the bad, there is still some good stuff happening here, almost all the time.  If you want to hear about it, don't hesitate to ask!
I use my blog and FB page as a place to vent more often than I use it as a place to share (not intentionally).  So just remind me, when you want to hear some of the positive stuff thats going on, and I'll most likely share.

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