23 March 2012

Baby news ain't always sunshine

There was crying, there was screaming, there was even a little hitting, when new baby test was given today.


Apparently, two year olds can be very opinionated...

To the beginning!
Wife had a bit of a scare the other day, a little spotting, which was put at ease by a healthy, beautiful, perfect little heartbeat today.  We are about 11wks, now! :D
Having seen the issues related to new siblings, we decided we should test the waters with the twins, so we know what to expect.
Well, since the kids dont get much experience with infants, as they are usually only interacting with bigger babies, Wife "borrowed" (babysat) a friend's 3mo sweetheart, to see how the kids did.

Not so bueno....
At first Girl was curious, Boy was withdrawn.  She went up to the baby (still in the carseat), and started questioning.  Wife took the baby out of the carseat so sissy could get a better look.  She was a little unsure, but soon was "petting" the baby with one finger.  Baby made a baby noise, and sissy freaked out a little.
Brother, still wide-eyed, eventually came over to get a better look.  He kept his hands away from the baby though.  He and and the baby ended up in a bit of a staring contest, even.  He was curious about the babies toes, and eventually tickled them, eliciting a gummy smile and "giggle" from the baby.  Boy was hooked with his curiosity.
So far, kinda good, right?
Boy helped give the baby a bottle, sissy just watched from the door.
Baby dozed off for a nap, Boy fell asleep for his nap on the couch, Sissy went upstairs.... I think a little jealous that the baby was hogging her playmate.
Twins got up before baby, and got to eating their lunch when baby woke up crying....
Shit went downhill......fast.

Sissy knocked her plate on the floor, covered her ears, and started screaming "NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO"  kicking and all.
Boy went to investigate the crying (being the more sensitive of the two), and tried to give the baby a toy.
Wife intervened, and got the baby up to change it.  Boy wanted to help, so Wife asked him to grab the diaper bag.  At this point Girl was watching from over near the bag (opposite side of the room as Wife and the dirty diaper).  Boy went to get the bag, and Girl shoved him to the floor.  Boy started crying, and then Girl, knowing she was in trouble, started crying.  Wife sent Girl to the couch, tried to help Boy, all while trying to change the baby.
Baby was changed, and Boy calmed down.
Wife tried to talk to Girl about pushing Boy, but Girl walked away (already an attitude....*sigh*).  Wife put the baby on one of the kids play blankets, on the floor, and then went to get Girl.
After telling her she can't be pushing Boy like that, and eventually hugging it out, they went back to the next room.  As soon as Girl saw the baby on "her" blanket, she had a ROYAL MELTDOWN.  Screaming at the top of her lungs, and demanding her blanket back.
She grabbed at the blanket, to which she got a stern "No." and a hand swat.
She went and stood in the corner, near the toy box, fountaining tears.  Eventually trying to throw a beanie baby at the baby....which once again had Brother's attention.  She got another "No." and put it down.
Wife invited her to come sit with them on the floor, which she did very reluctantly.
Boy was giggling over the baby.
Baby grabbed Boy's finger.
Girl grabbed Boy's other arm, trying to drag him away from the baby yelling " NOOOOOOOO!!!!! MY CHAWWY!!!!!!!!!"
At this point Girl was forcibly retired.
Boy was nursing his boo-boo.  Baby was oblivious.
Wife was hormonally unhappy and disheartened.
Out of all the issues forseen, we were expecting jealousy over attention of the baby.....but not attention of twin-to-baby.
This is going to be interesting.... hopefully, opinions change...


  1. They will change. :) She will adapt and it will be different. :)

    That said, my 10 yr old had a similar reaction to the news herself, this week. Again, she will adapt, it will be different. (She had no issues w/ my 4 yr old was born, so I don't quite get what her problem is now...)

  2. Not only will things change, they will change daily, and with no predictable pattern whatsoever. With the really little ones all you can do is be happy when they are happy- with you and each other, and try to keep them from killing each other- accidentally or on purpose, the rest of the time. Luckily they all keep growing up and getting more civilized every day!


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