11 March 2012

A dad's expectations

So, y'all already know a lot about Boy.  He is the wonder kid that defies the odds stacked against him.
He was born with a heart defect and underdeveloped lungs.  The combination could have killed him, and we were made very aware of that.  He pulled through the surgery, and we were the most relieved we'd been our entire lives!  They said his lungs would be a big problem for him, and after 9mo of oxygen therapy, Angel Care machines, nebulizers/breathing treatments and several cases of pneumonia, he shone through again!  He only needs the oxygen when he is sick now, and he doesn't stop breathing anymore!  His asthma flares up on occasion, but aside from that, he is perfectly healthy!
Around that time, he was diagnosed with mild CP.  He required AFOs for early intervention, and we were told that he may never walk right, be able to run, or have decent fine motor skills.  Talk about a stab to the heart!  We are an athletic family, we spend lots of time outdoors, at the beach, etc!  We are also a family of artists, his big sister is going to the best public arts college in the country!
About 4-5mo later, he took his first steps!  He eventually got out of the AFOs, and around his 2nd birthday he finally could run, very poorly, and with lots of boo boos, but he was moving!
One of the most exciting (imo) events recently was when he was able to play "soccer" with his sisters for the first time!  To go from:
May not survive
May never have the lung function to do much
Being allergic to everything
May never walk
May never run
Kicking a volleyball, while running, not falling down,
and not having trouble breathing, and eating most anything he wants!!!

Boy can also hold crayons, and even though his art is on a preschool level, its something we don't take for granted.

Now, the issue has come up about other possible neurological issues...  And the fact that a bunch of people think hes gay because he likes giving kisses to anyone and everyone.   If he does have ASD, we will manage. If he is gay, who cares?  As long as he loves and is loved, thats all that matters in the world!

There are much worse thing that could happen in the world than my son being in a wheelchair or being Autistic.  He could have never survived that first week!

Sure it does worry me to have a physically "disabled" kid: Will he be treated fairly?  Will he resent his siblings?  Will he feel left out?  Will he get the care he needs?  Will he thrive?  Will he be happy?

And it worries me to have a mentally "disabled" kid: Will he be treated fairly?  Will he resent his siblings?  Will he feel left out?  Will he get the care he needs?  Will he thrive?  Will he be able to survive in this world?  Will he be Happy?

Or having a homosexual kid: Will he be treated fairly?  Will he be happy?

Or having a "normal" kid: Will he be treated fairly?  Will he feel left out?  Will he thrive?  Will he know/care about the challenges others face for being less-than-"normal"?  Will he be happy?


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  1. So true..the most important of all will he be happy..that is still my concern with my 19 year old..I just want him to be happy


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