29 October 2012

Sandy Jack-o

Passing the time, with Sandy bearing down, we decided "hey, why not carve pumpkins and try on costumes and eat delicious home-baked goods?"
So that is what we did!
Excuse the jumble, they uploaded wonky, and fixing the order is proving too difficult

Boy was *so* excited to show me his costume, but still got very shy when he came back out!
I asked "are you a goldfish?"
"nooooooo, I'm a shawk!"
"noooo, are you sure you're not a penguin?"
Then got the picture

The kids and their friend eating dinner

Scooping pumpkin guts!

Loving pumpkins!
Our friend and Wife "guiding" the project....
This little guy really enjoyed carving a pumpkin with me :)
My little pumpkin gutter

All dressed up, but still....
My little pumpkin gutter!

Our friend finding out he doesn't much like guts....

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