01 August 2013

Girl- by Wife

*Girl has turned over a new leaf and is...sleeping in!  Sis has been sleeping til 8 or 9 and once even until 10:30!  That was after a long day at school, playdate at the park, trip to Costco and a Moms' Group (that would make anyone want to sleep til 10:30!).

*Sis loves singing and really picking up her skills late in the school year.  Starting in about early June she would come home belting out all of these adorable songs.  3 Little Speckled Frogs, 5 Monkeys and an Alligator, Little Bunny Foo Foo to name a few.  She loves to sing to baby and baby LOVES to watch her.

*Girl is finding her comic voice.  She loves telling jokes (sometimes that only she thinks are funny) and laugh hysterically after.  For about two weeks straight she told a story about a boy who had a dinosaur in his backyard.  He would go outside and find him and them say....(dramatic pause for huge punch line)...BOO!  She would say 'Boo!' in a silly high voice with her littler pursed lips and just crack up every time.  So cute!

*Girl is a chatty Kathy.  She will talk anyone's ear off at anytime.  Our friend's had her over for dinner and couldn't get a word in edgewise..nor could they get her to take a bite without talking.  Another day I was nursing baby at the park and actually had to get up and assist a young girl and her father around a play structure.  Sissy had cornered them and was going on and on about something.  The dad was too polite to stop her chatting and try to get by.  Hilarious!

*Sis is becoming a wonderful listener...with the right motivation. Sometimes she will choose to listen just because...but if there is even a hint of a reward, she will blow through anything in her way to get it.  

*Miss Girl has the memory of an elephant.  She truly stuns me with the details of events that happened over a year ago.  I think it is so wild that at 2 things were sinking in so much that she can verbalize them now.

*House-Girl and Boy are so cute playing house.  I'll take it as a sign that staying home with the kids is the right move for our family.  They play mom and dad and baby all the time.  They serve food, get ready for nap, watch a show (with juice, popcorn and candy).  It is often a great wake up call for what is going on in our life to see them emulate what they see everyday.  I have to say one of the most hilarious 'episodes' was when R was over.  R was mom, Boy was dad and Sis was baby.  I hear them bantering outside, "Hello sweetheart"~mom.  "Time for dinner"~mom.  "Goo Goo"~baby.  "Can I have some money please?"~dad!  I was cracking up!

*Girl's fits are getting to be less and less these days.  However she will look at me with a rude face and say "No" sometimes.  She is quick to understand consequences and almost immediately after rude behavior she apologizes and straightens up or freaks out because she doesn't want to get in trouble.

I'm truly loving life with a 3 and a half year old daughter.  She is totally and truly sweet and loving sometimes and it makes it all worth it.

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