07 January 2013

Kiddo Update

ife if flying by.  Here are some things I love about these angels...

-the talking with his hands.  It is hilarious.  He gets SO into his stories.  They start with a monster, then a ghost, then a truck drives by, then Lightening McQueen has to go to the store, then Nana is going to come over for a movie night...with popcorn and candy.  He can go on and on.  Love it!

-"I love you Mommy/Daddy."  He has been so loving before bedtime lately.  "I want three kisses.  And 3 hugs.  I love you.  I LOVE YOU"  He yells it several times while I am walking out the door and down the stairs.

-Boy thinks that crossed eye balls are about the funniest thing in the universe.  All you have to do is get your face right up close to his, close your eyes and then open them after about 2 seconds.  Squeals of laughter.  He loves it!

The twins have SO many dress up clothes that we bit the bullet and converted our (adult sized!) coat closet into a full blown dress up closet.   SWEET!  Let the play time begin!
Boy does have a couple hangers on the side.  Thanks to Grama and Nana for the Woody and Buzz outfits!  Batman and Robin have also held their own against the slew of princess dresses, tutus, jewery boxes, fairy wings, wands, high heels, and purses.  He loves his "secret fort", and can be found "hiding" on the floor of the closet, "reading" a book quite often

-Miss Dress Up.  She dresses up as Ariel everyday...EVERYDAY!  Dress, pettiskirt, 'heels', purse, crown, head band, necklace (or 5), bracelets, rings.  I was showing her the above picture of herself in the dress and she said, "That's Ariel.  I want to see Ariel again."

-She is an amazing big sister to Ev.  She has been so helpful, getting burp rags, toys, diapers. M wants to hold the baby all the time.  When Ev is crying Girl will run over and say, "It's ok baby."  In the car last week, Ev started crying and Girl said, "Baby, we are going as fast as we can.  It's ok baby".  Love her!

-Little Miss Self-Unincorrigible.  By definition, incorrigible means not able to be corrected, reformed or improved.  Girl likes to do things her own way.  She will do something ~knowingly~ naughty and correct herself almost immediately after.  Or she will answer a question negatively and then say, "But I will".  For example:  Daddy, "It is time for bed."  Girl, "No, I'm not going to bed....but I will."  Easier to handle when we are in a good mood, but adorable just the same.

Birthday Eve (December 26th), we found sweet Sissy asleep at the top of the stairs.
She LOVES that Lovey!
What a silly way to spend her last hours as a 2 year old!

Sweet Baby Everly
-baby loves her playmat.  Everly looks at the pink and yellow sun toy like it is her absolute best friend!  She kids the side bars and bats at the hanging toys.  

-chatty Kathy.  Everly is taking after her brother and sister and loves to talk.  Ooohhh, ooohhh, aaahhh, aaahhh, eeehhh, eeehhh! 

-we just started a schedule and she is rocking the 3 hour daytime feeds.  She eats around 8, 11, 2, 5 and 8.  Then we feed her whenever she needs at night.  So far her best night was 11pm to 6am...BOOYAH baby girl.  For the record, her longest sleep stretch was 9 hours, but the 11pm bedtime was the earliest bedtime long stretch.

Love these kids and trying to enjoy the daily miracles admist the chaos that goes along with it:)

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