09 July 2012



Someone is upset with Wife (and me, by proxy) for our parenting decision.
I can't make a blog out of this, since I'm at work right now (its blocked at work) so I may just copy/paste this later, if I remember....

Even with all their (Boy's) health issues throughout his life, we have still been very conscious about making sure they get all of their immunizations. Within the timeframe. I have gone to all the Y8 (immunizations) classes, I know more about these shots than most people (combined) know in a lifetime.

I gave over 7,000 flu shots this season. I've given 1000s of Anthrax, Hep A/B/A&B, Typhoid, MMR shots.
I have, NOT ONCE, had a patient have an adverse reaction (aside from one guy who passed out....he didn't like needles).

I also know that some people CANNOT get certain shots, which is why it is so important for everyone who CAN to get those shots..... to minimize the chances of that person encountering the disease. Our society is only protected when enough people get immunized to prevent the spread, should one person get it.

That is why schools REQUIRE shots. Because they are large gathering places, where disease spreads quickly. During the 2002-2003 flu season the vaccine didn't keep up with the morphology of the virus. School attendance was down 40%

Then, we have people who are knowingly and negligently avoiding the shots. Sure, you can dictate that you'd prefer your child die from a systematic infection that kills each of their vital organs, slowly and painfully, before finally, mercifully, killing them...
....but you can't blame me for not allowing you around my child.
I would rather my child suffer Guillain–BarrĂ© syndrome or a day of minor discomfort (a noted reaction possible with shots) than be crippled/killed by preventable diseases like Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Whooping Cough, Tetanus, Tuberculosis, Polio, Influenza, Typhoid, or anything else so easily preventable.

So... It is our perrogative as parents to dictate who our children interact with. And we decided that if you don't immunize your kid, your kid WILL NOT have playdates and such with our kids. Final answer.
My wife is pregnant, my son is immuno-compromised, my mom is immuno-compromised.

Even still, I don't need them as a reason. Its a matter of principle.
When a majority of your friends have infants and new borns, what makes you think its acceptable to parade your unimmunized kids through their lives, putting everyone at risk?
Yeah, sorry we are a detriment to your kid's need for socialization.... Your kid is a detriment to our survival....

If you don't like what I've had to say, you can disagree all you want (keep it respectful, it is my page, so my opinion comes with the territory). But if you are going to attack me:

1. keep it to yourself
2. the "unlike" button is just a click away
3. Prepare to be banned

Whooping cough has been on the rise in preteens and teens. In 2009, a quarter of the 16,858 cases of pertussis reported in the United States were among 10- through 19-year-olds.
Whooping Cough


Pneumonia caused by exposure to preventable disease







effects of  Rubella on the baby of pregnant victims 




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