01 April 2013

The First Date

So, Mr Boy is currently on a date, with one of Miss Girl's friends.
Starting from the beginning:
We went to church yesterday, and enjoyed the company of some long time friends, who have a daughter a few months older than the twins. Cee gets along really well with both twins, and is just a really sweet kid.
After the service, we were enjoying some refreshments and sweets, and Mr Boy approached her and asked her to go on a date with him. She said "sure" and they hugged. He then told her he would take her to lunch tomorrow (now today)
All the parents are sitting around amused, at this point, trying to to laugh.
Mr Boy comes up to me and says "Daddy, I need the caw tomowow"
"Oh really? For what?"
"I has a date, youw dwiving us to lunch"
"You have a date? With who?"
"With Cee, duh! And I need you to pay."
"Daddddddy.... I don't have enough dollows fow it. You do!"

So, it was set. We cleared it with her parents, who were amused, and fine with the idea.

Then came the planning. Mr Boy refused to take her any place "cheap or cheesy", so no kiddie restaurants or fast food. We agreed to Olive Garden. Then he said he needed his shirt ironed, and proceeded to lay out his outfit, and tell Wife how she was going to do his hair.
He even wanted me to wash the car.... Fortunately, it was getting dark, and was raining.
Today, he woke up quickly, ate breakfast, cleaned up the Easter mess, and watched MLP:FIM, all the while asking if it was time to leave yet.
He took a bath, got himself dressed, had his mom do his hair, borrowed a dab of my cologne, and then ran off to the backyard to gather some flowers for Cee.
When we got to her house, he told me to wait at the car (chauffeur has to open the door for them, of course) and he went to the door by himself. He looked a little nervous, but he rang the bell and stood patiently.
Her mother answered the door, and invited him into the foyer, telling me they needed a minute.
A minute or two later, he escorts Cee out of the house, and I open the door to let them into the vehicle. He helps her with his sister's booster seat, before securing himself.

Once we are at Olive Garden, the hostess greeted us, and asked about our party number. Boy chimed in, informing her they were one a date, and needed two seats, and I wasnt sitting with them. She seated me two tables away, so I could keep an eye on them. Fortunately it wasnt super busy.
I helped them order pasta and made sure they had their breadsticks, and then I was exiled.
They are talking, and coloring, and eating.
And I sit here with my ipad, alone, eating my alfredo pasta thing, alone........wondering when they will run out of things to do while sitting at a table....

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  1. So stinkin cute! What a great gentelman! You might like to check out my blog sometime..there are several recipes but there are also a bunch of kitty cat pictures! http://reneesthoughtsandideas.blogspot.com/2013/03/two-fierce-hunters.html


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