19 February 2013

Photo Scramble

A random photo scramble.  Just a bunch of photos from an album I found on my old computer.
May post more, as I uncover them.  Its cool to delve into the past.... see things I hadn't thought of in years

The demon dog....haha....we used to put him in the bathtub when he'd get in trouble

He didn't like me trying to "chomp" his head :)

My old cat..... I miss this cat.... lives with my mom, now

Knew he was in trouble the minute we walked in!

We went around Europe, visiting the historic places....

....The War memorials....

...Was definitely a surreal experience.....

...Its fake, but not something you could get away with in the US....

....We visited the beaches, where the invasions happened

With dogtags

The MEDEVAC crew from my first deployment

Checking on a boo-boo

It really was *just a boo-boo*....just bled a bit.  Was a small (by comparison to what it could have been) cut from a bit of shrapnel

Our consult team..... Top rate guys!

Purple Hearts, earned from the same incident with the shrapnel

Showing off ninja skills at the beach

Its how we roll......

This is back on my mom's farm.  The cat likes to visit the hens, and helps keep the chicks out of trouble....and will lounge in the sun, in the summer, and nap with the babes, and keep em warm.

"DONT jump off the rock....." women never listen....

Haha.... We (me and Teenager) like to take photos like this whenever we get the chance!

"Whats up?"

One of Teenager's favorite places when we are in France.

One of Wife's favorite places when we are in France

In the catacombs


At a memorial with Teenager

Our new Einstien


Nipple licker MUST die!!!!!!!

The Wife's former FIL..... her Ex made our wedding rings (jeweler).....his father is a glassmaker!
Teenager was excited to meet them, and they showed us (me and Teenager) how to do different things.
She was also interested in meeting "the other person who was insane enough to marry (her) mom, drunken craziness, or otherwise"


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