07 September 2012


I've decided not to vote.... Because then, whoever wins, when people blame them for every little thing that is wrong with their lives,I can say "don't look at me for sympathy, I didn't vote for them". And I will continue paying my taxes, and living my middle class life, without much effect from the election....

JFK screwed up the Bay of Pigs, he got assassinated, and he is now a hero.
Nixon had Watergate, now he's peachy.
Bush Sr. had Desert Storm and everyone loves him now.
Abraham Lincoln had an all out WAR, the country divided, but him getting assassinated was the propulsion needed to end slavery.
Clinton had an affair, but the deficit was minimalized.
Everybody and their mother hated Bush Jr, but suddenly he ain't so bad.

The point being: every president gets blamed for everything when they are in office, but give it a few years, and they are suddenly folk heroes!
No matter who wins the election, 6 months down the road, most everyone will be blaming the president for their problems.
And you know what?
In a decade or two, the President will be hailed an amazing person, and everyone will be like "yeah, son, I voted for him!"

No matter what a president does, half the country is going to hate their guts from the getgo. And no president is ever going to win a popularity contest.
And they are stuck with death threats, no privacy, more work than one resin can handle, social-political obligations, and the inability to tell people to "go to hell!" because it isn't politically correct.
The president is stuck working someone else's agenda, and never knowing who they can trust, who's working against them, and who's hanging around just to get their name noticed.
They endure long nights, worrying how every little decision will impact 700,000,000 people, and how even an opposing minority will gain the ground of a majority, just because of the age of social media.
Every action scrutinized, every expression analyzed, and every article of clothing judged by people who have nothing better to do than judge what they view as someone else's inadequacies.
I would never want to be the president.
I don't think my mind, body, or spirit could stand the faceless hate and unrewarding stress.
I'd rather be deployed a year than spend a month doing the president's job. Because, even though I could spout off, all day every day, what I would change about our country, trying to actually create that change is a bureaucratic nightmare!
So, I will sit back patiently, and wait for the results. Then, I will, without hesitation, follow any and all lawful and moral orders passed down by my Commander ind Chief.
And, as always, I would take a bullet for them, because they have taken on one of the greatest challenges of all, they are my boss, and I respect what they are trying to do.

No president sets out to make the country a worse place.


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