29 June 2012

Gay Pride Month!

Yeah, I know... I waited until the last day of Gay Pride month to post a blog about it.... *slaps self on wrist*

I was reading through a post by my friend Homestyle Mama, when I clicked on another post she'd done about Same Sex Marriage.
Man....once I read the Jesus-loving part, I thought it was going to go downhill real fast, and make me not like her too much anymore.
Boy was I wrong!
Go read it, if you haven't already.
I'll wait
Done yet?
Its amazing how  much our views are similar.
I am always telling my soldiers and other leaders not to judge someone.  Who are you to judge them, anyway?
In my career I have run into my fair share of lying/adultering homophobes.  It sickens me that these lying, deceiving adulterers thing they are somehow better than someone else, who obviously understands real love a hell of a lot better.
My sister is bisexual.  She dates someone who catches her fancy, be it a guy or a girl.  Love knows no lines, be it gender, race, age, etc
I had a good friend who was asexual.  Didn't feel that she wanted/needed a husband/wife or kids to fulfill her life.
To each, their own.  As long as your life decisions don't adversely effect others, you should be allowed to do as you please.

I know, as long as we are morally upstanding (Loyal, Dutiful, Respectful, Selfless, Honorable, Integrity-bond, and Personally courageous) then we will do fine in our final judgement.....with whomever it may be with.


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