11 May 2012

Home security...the dilemma

So.... Boy tried to mount an escape!
He does it all the time, but he never goes anywhere, he just likes being outside.
We've been told we need to get a security system for the house because of the twins. We have a pool, and a highway runs behind the cul-de-sac...
Firstly, the backyard is always locked, unless we are out there. And even still, since we have tots, animals, and wildlife... We have a 120 decibel alarm that sounds if something enters the pool.
To put an alarm system on the house would be impossible! We have Wife, BIL1, BIL2, girlfriend 1 & 2, Teenager, BFF1, BFF2, BFF3, babysitter, and our mothers (when they are there) going in and out of the house constantly!
12 adults! Now, how often do you think they'll remember to set the alarm? BIL1 works into the wee hours sometimes. And the girlfriends tend to come and go at odd hours too, because they both have jobs, and living with their parents. Teenager and her friends keep odd hours too!

Anyone have similar issues?


  1. Nope...it's pretty quiet here in terms of in & out traffic. No offense to whomever made that suggestion, but that seems to be too much traffic & too many people to know/remember a "secret" code.

  2. I worked in a group home for a while. On all of the doors that led to the outside, we had a simple magnetic doorchime thing. Basically it's a box that you mount to the door frame and the door, when the door is opened, then the sensor sets of either a chime or a loud ass constant shriek, depending on which setting you choose. We used the chime during the day, and the shriek at night. Then whoever was working knew every time the door was opened, and none of the residents could take french leave.

    I've seen some people with young Houdini's who've installed them in their homes, and I'm actually thinking about getting one myself now that Thing Two can reach the screen door handle. You just train all the big people who come in and out of the house to holler "It's Me!" as they go in and out, and let them know that after lights out it's going to shriek when the door gets opened. There's no code to remember- to shut it off you just close the door.

    1. Thats the problem... people are coming and going at all hours, and the Boy already has sleeping problems....
      But we may look into that


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